how a spanking life started: Archedone and Robyn

This is a story line I would like to start and follow with other readers adding their life in spanking as an ADULT. Please feel free to send me via email your story, and I will be happy to post it.

Hi Red. 

Our life style should be well known with your followers.

I had asked Robyn to spank me and at first she was not too keen on it, but did spank me. 

I believe we started with a wooden spoon and belt and later more implements were added. 

After some time Robyn found she enjoyed spanking me as much as I enjoyed her spanking me. 

I get one spanking a week and sometimes two and if I'm really lucky three. 

At first spanking was foreplay, then some punishment added. 

I will get punishment for:

A)  something I did wrong or didn't do

B) if she is out of sorts she can take her feelings out on my bottom. 

I have given her consent to spank me any time she has the desire and today she is more than happy to spank me much to my delight.

I'm sorry to hear you are going to cut back on posts I for one really enjoy your site and do understand all the hard work you and others go thru to maintain your posts. Thank You for all you have done for spankers and spankees.


thanks for writing archedone. You could add more detail in the comments.

PS  Archedone:: you sent me this quite a while ago, and I cannot fathom why I had it sititng in Draft mode instead of posting.

bottoms up



Joe said...

Thank you Archedone for sharing and Red for the great blog. I will be happy to add my story as well.

Anonymous said...

When spanking started for us, we tried OTK but it was not comfortable even though i liked it as it made me feel like a naughty boy. the bedroom was where most took place. She liked a rolled up blanked under my hips she said it brought my bottom up so nice. I also enjoyed being bent over the end of the bed. We also felt more implements were needed and it was fun when we shopped and i spotted something i thought would be good for spanking and in a low voice would ask her "would you like to spank me with this" if she said yes we would buy it. For those wondering about my nick break it down arched one. i liked it as she loves having my bottom arched up and out for her. It shows my willingness to accept spanking.

Red said...

Joe: Please send it to me by email. Looking forward to reading it and posting it.

archedone: thank you for sharing your adventure in the spanking world with everyone. Also, PLEASE thank Robyn for me for allowing you to write this.

bottoms up