Happy Thoughts

It is always best to go to sleep at night with pleasant thoughts on your mind.
 He will sleep contented knowing all is well, and she will be content knowing she has solved whatever problem occurred
For most of us, it is a shame that we were so much older as depicted grey hair or nearly above. instead of young in the next photo. We, however, have learned the wisdom of a woman spanking her husband.
and sadly, we are afraid to mention to friends about our spanking situation.

 The above says even good boys need a spanking now and then 
Does anyone know about you being spanked?

bottoms up



Dan said...

There are more people than I thought who knows about my wife spanking me. Many of her friends know and some of my friends know and several relatives know.

Anonymous said...

Sadly we too keep my spankings to ourselves. The only reason I can think of is maybe too many people feel spanking is in line with abuse. Can you imagine instead of company coming over to play cards you take turns spanking each other.

Red said...

Dan no shyness permitted when seeing other people, just good behavior or else your spanking when you get home is announced, if not being given on the spot immediately.
Archedone: very true. Fun party idea, but it would only be you and me if we were the foursome
Bottoms up