Happy days are here again

Everyday should be happy,  but when you are leaving for a couple of Caribbean cruises (21 days in total), things ae even better than normal.
So yes, we are off again, and I have left posts to occur while we are away, but uncertain if I can post your comments, even sporadically. I might even take some pictures like this for you.

However, they will get posted,, so please leave comments about anything you like, and you will see them when I return.
This is another good reason to get a blogger account, so that you can click notify yourself when new comments occur, and then you can see other comments, and my reply. Just be certain to use it in incognito mode of your browser.
Take a risqué selfie (Veronica being with Betty - times have changed from when we first imagined Archie and his gang)

(I am thinking of soon after arriving home, of turning off anonymous, because Shawn alias Richard, alias many other personas is worth blocking out.  He has even tried creating a blogger id, but when I clicked on it, it had only this one view, and if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and  waddles like a duck, it is probably Sean.  it is tiresome to read until I twig in that it is him, but rather delightful to know he wasted so much time writing his drivel. )
So enjoy life, it is the only one we get.

keep smiling
and realize no amount of justifying your actions will get you out of the spanking you deserve.
bottoms up


Joe said...

Hope you and Cindy have a great trip and you are spanked often.

Yorkie69 said...

Have a wonderful time mate.


Red said...

Joe thanks
Yorkie thanks