good boy spanking

With family around over the Christmas and New Year holidays, spanking has been completely absent in our lives. As an aside, being retired, why do we still call them holidays.

I sent Cindy the following email: stating "thought it was time"

Nothing happened that day, but the next afternoon my wish was granted

I had suggested earlier in the day that a "GOOD BOY" spanking is equally as useful as a bad boy spanking, in that Cindy is not upset when spanking.

She is satisfying a need within me, and reminding me that another spanking is possible immediately if I screw up enough to deserve one.

Cindy permitted me to choose the implements as my reward, but I humbly requested she choose the implements. Cindy decided the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, and a cane form your friend Ronnie.

The heart shaped paddle because this was a good boy spanking, and she wanted to use something symbolizing this: the heart.

Bare bottom, over the knee for a good strong session with this paddle, with my feet dancing, or being held rigid bent at the knees by me.
Pillows placed on the bed, and then myself draped over them for quite a lot of short sharp strokes with the cane, with some to the back of the top of the legs, and the top of the bottom also.

A very thorough spanking, and one in which my bottom is still sore and tender sitting on a padded chair while typing this three hours later.

I have requested that we continue this good boy spankings, if my behavior has been such not to require any immediate on the spot spankings.

We will see, and I have given Cindy  a couple of suggestions of what I have done wrong recently, and that she might decide to spank me for over the next few days.

I feel well loved, content, .and extremely happy

Have you been spanked already in the New Year?

bottoms up



Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Yep, already had one for the new year. And, it was NOT a "good boy" spanking. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

yes, it was a 'good boys' spanking. As I got up from my nightshift, I knew she was in town with a friend. I texted her 'I need a good spanking'. Her reply was ominous. I ordered some nylons for Lindsay and she was interested in wearing them too. We also experimented with the ginger-root. I can recommend it. We both had a good orgasm.

Kind regards,

Marco (from Lindsay).

Anonymous said...

I did get a good boy spanking on the 1st. I felt her hand, then the paddle followed by the belt. Then wonderful sex.

Joe said...

Sure did a good boy spanking on request hand, paddle and strap long and hard, turn out she had some frustration to work out although not with me I was happy to oblige. The sex afterward was incredible.

Yorkie69 said...

Nope, haven't had one as yet. Still hoping and waiting. Sigh...


Red said...

Dan: if not a good boy spanking, then you must have really deserved it.

Marco: glad you started the New Year off adventurously.

archedone: great way to start the New Year.

Joe: wonderful to hear, and really good idea to ask, and to let her know that she can work her frustration out on your bottom when needed. Sex afterwards is wonderful

Yorkie: ask politely

bottoms up