come with me

Actions speak louder than words, and when she grabs your tie, and starts walking
you know your fate is sealed
She might decide to bare your bottom herself
and start the spanking immediately
or sit on a chair, while you undress
knowing her brush and paddle will solve the problem
bottoms up



Tomy Nash said...

Aunt Kay was a redhead. So yeah. You didn't want to stoke up that fire.

Anonymous said...

Not much is true in what you have listed today. She doesn't lead me anywhere, she tells me where the spanking will take place and i had better get my butt there fast. If I'm wearing panties (I usually am) she will take them down. If I'm fully dressed she will watch me strip. The paddle speaks loud and gets one's attention.

Red said...

Tony : very true
Archedone: When Cindy decides I need to be spanked, I follow immediately to the bedroom if it is to be a long spanking
Bottoms up