Cindy's turn to be spanked

The number one reason for Cindy to be spanked is to calm her anxiety. She sometimes gets very, very worked up, and does not easily listen to any explanation that might calm her down.

she had a little fit like this yesterday, and thus after a lot of shouting, where I can outshout her, she slowed and then stopped.  The anxiety was caused by trying to be too perfect with everyone and everything, instead of practicing some calming techniques.

When all was calm, and we had talked things out, she realized that she had " flown off the handle" . I wonder where that expression comes from, so very long ago in my youth. I looked it up and one reference to the head of a hammer flying off when the hammer was being swung.

I calmly said that if I had done that, I would have been spanked, so maybe you should be spanked!
Cindy replied: " you should spank me!"

We went upstairs immediately, bare bottom, over my knees, while I delayed the embarrassment by asking if her arms were okay, her shoulders, her hands. Cindy is embarrassed to be in this position, so best to enhance that feature, so she might think of it, if I say SPANKING if you continue!

In sets of two, with a pause between to talk why she was being spanked prolonged the punishment In total, just ten firm spanks with the hairbrush, and Cindy was buckling to get off my lap. As the number was quoted to be ten spanks, I permitted her to get up, and with a little prodding, she thanked me for her spanking.

I think it will be sufficient for quite a long time, but I also realize I will be spanked more often now for quite sometime.

bottoms up



Quentin QBuzz said...

I'm sure there are many perfectionist wives and girlfriends who would benefit from this. Perhaps you should update the 'coping with anxiety' poster so that it includes spanking :D

Joe said...

Ten swats is not much of a spanking so prolonging it was a good idea, although that may be enough for Cindy. Knowing you will be getting more in return ;<). My wife only spanks me because I want her to and she never wants to be spanked except for an occasional swat during passionate times.

Red said...

Qbuzz: A very good idea, but this is simply a copy from somewhere else. I am not brilliant enough to make these up. it would work for MEN and for WOMEN.

Joe: swatting is the first step, and if she really does something wrong, after agreeing how it should be done, maybe you could suggest a small spanking. My thought is to say, " I would be spanked for doing ….", maybe you should be spanked. enjoy whatever happens

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Spanking your partner is very helpful in clearing her thoughts. and i agree 10 is not very many unless they are each very firm and well felt spanks.

Yorkie69 said...

Again, envious...


Red said...

Archedone they were effective and very well felt
Yorkie life is grand