Men never get tired of looking at a woman's breasts. Maybe it started in infancy.
So, when you flash them, we are putty in your hands

and, it is a natural instinct for a male
a new way to drink tequila


 the aftermath
 and thus we readily accept the spanking
and are happy
bottoms up (need I say more)



Anonymous said...

Boobs do get a man's attention. I'm always up before Robyn and I wake her when her coffee is ready. How do I wake her? By sucking her nipples, she loves it.

Baxter said...

there are some women I have seen that I would be happy to get a spanking if they would show me their boobs and ass. Boobs are great, but you can very easily get caught looking at them. But asses are different and I have been known to walk at a pace at which I can dream about seeing the bare bottom while staring at it clothed.

Red said...

Archedone sounds like a wonderful idea
Baxter you would be willing to be spanked by them, without any visual display
Bottoms up