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I wonder if you wish your wife would do this
and thus, with all the links to women spanking men

and then she looked at some of the pictures

so, beware what you wish for.

bottoms up



come with me

Actions speak louder than words, and when she grabs your tie, and starts walking
you know your fate is sealed
She might decide to bare your bottom herself
and start the spanking immediately
or sit on a chair, while you undress
knowing her brush and paddle will solve the problem
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bottoms up

A hint your girl friend might like to be spanked
however, a hint she might like spanking you

She might say, give me a minute while I change into something more comfortable, and she enjoys the look on your face when you see both the paddle and her choice of clothing.
or, she invites yo to come back upstairs for a nightcap, and then states
signs are, someone is going to be spanked

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your coupon

Somedays, the best way to solve a problem is to present this coupon to your spouse.
It is like a get out of jail card free
OF course, your wife will use the coupon almost immediatley
and your bottom will be duly well spanked
 but, now your wife will be satisfied that the problem is solved
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how a spanking life started: Archedone and Robyn

This is a story line I would like to start and follow with other readers adding their life in spanking as an ADULT. Please feel free to send me via email your story, and I will be happy to post it.

Hi Red. 

Our life style should be well known with your followers.

I had asked Robyn to spank me and at first she was not too keen on it, but did spank me. 

I believe we started with a wooden spoon and belt and later more implements were added. 

After some time Robyn found she enjoyed spanking me as much as I enjoyed her spanking me. 

I get one spanking a week and sometimes two and if I'm really lucky three. 

At first spanking was foreplay, then some punishment added. 

I will get punishment for:

A)  something I did wrong or didn't do

B) if she is out of sorts she can take her feelings out on my bottom. 

I have given her consent to spank me any time she has the desire and today she is more than happy to spank me much to my delight.

I'm sorry to hear you are going to cut back on posts I for one really enjoy your site and do understand all the hard work you and others go thru to maintain your posts. Thank You for all you have done for spankers and spankees.


thanks for writing archedone. You could add more detail in the comments.

PS  Archedone:: you sent me this quite a while ago, and I cannot fathom why I had it sititng in Draft mode instead of posting.

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Solution for your excuses

There is a solution if you are arguing about being spanked. She will show you the solution!
and if you still are desperately giving excuses, she will simply apply the solution
and now it will almost be
except while being spanked,
you probably
will be making
incomprehensible noises
and by requiring her to put a ball gag in your mouth
you can expect a much stronger spanking than anything you have ever experienced
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A Non-political Post- you are welcome

thought this might catch your fancy

Look twice, and think twice, before you answer for this next piece of art
and if you send this next art work to your wife, you will most likely BE SPANKED

 Wouldn't this be wonderful for when you invite friends over.
If you do ask your wife to admire the humor in this post, Her reaction might be
or quite possibly

bottoms up

and then the brush