tumblr is still here, with much of what was before

I had a new revelation today, and someone at tumblr flicked another switch is for the positive.


For the last couple of days, if you went to a site that was adult, you would get a message

This Tumblr may contain
sensitive media.

and the dashboard would just explain the new normal, and you could go no further.

NOW, when you go to a site, and then
when you click the go to my dashboard, you get your normal tumblr feed, and the right panel states this is sensitive material, but it does permit you to VIEW this site

and when you go their, most of what existed on this tumblr still exists, you just cannot get to archive.

Give it a try.
it is all still there, or at least most of it is

plus the original poster of the item is usually able to be clicked and get to that tumblr.

check mine:    dwcmike.tumblr.com

bottoms up



otkloverjohn said...

It's true that you can still get to the blog, but there are many pics now replaced with "contains adult material" and you can't see them.

Anonymous said...

In the past they had talked about removing what they referred to as porn and nothing happened just like this time. What most don't consider is money controls the sites. if they change the sponsors might go with them along with their money. They don't really care what is posted just so they make money.

Red said...

otkloverjohn: true, some or many are blocked off, but originally they simply refused to let you see the site. Now you can see some of the content, which is truly graphic and adult content.

archedone: quite possibly, but I am bewildered how they make money off the site.
bottoms up