The first spanking worked wonders, but that night, I asked if Cindy could spank me for a couple of days, so that no little problems arise.

We had spent a wonderful day getting organized. I worked for a while outside getting pre-winter things done, with more to do later. The Christmas decorations have started to  be put up, laundry mostly finished from the vacation. I do the laundry, because I feel that I sort the colors and types of garments better than Cindy, and have been doing the laundry for over 30 years. Cindy does not mind my being so finicky, as long as it gets done in a reasonable amount of time.

During the day, Cindy casually mentioned that we have an appointment for 5 PM.

The day continued, including organizing to have the carpets shampooed, the air ducts cleaned, and thus we spent time cleaning and getting things off the floors.

The spanking was before dinner. Cindy chose leather, and her favorite implement is the short tawse OTK. We have really broken in this tawse, as it is now supple and whippy. (Yikes). The long tawse has rarely been used, and is not supple. When it does become standard usage, the suppleness will be quite frightful.
OTK, naked except for a tee shirt because Cindy did not want me to catch a chill. My bottom did catch something that was quite chilling to think of, and produced a very hot and sore bottom before she was finished. My bottom has two pinkish circles before beginning, but that blended into a solid deep red everywhere. Cindy varied tempo, alternating cheek to cheek, then higher, then lower, then many to one cheek, and two or three pauses to catch her breath,, before continuing.

There remained no stress in either of us when I was permitted to stand up, and I immediately thanked Cindy for the spanking.  My bottom was as red as the above picture, and equally as well covered.

We then cuddled, caressed and had fabulous intercourse, with a bellowing orgasm for me. I then went down on Cindy for a similar ear shattering orgasm on her part.

Zero stress, one thousand percent happiness.

bottoms up
something to ponder, then smile



Anonymous said...

For me, Yes, but it took a special woman to realize it. Dating was short for most part. I was just to wound up and stress out from work and minor things. The woman I married, waited a couple of months while dating, that was a record time for dating one woman. A Sunday morning she said that my stress out attitude was going to be corrected and now.
She said you will accept this or being married is out of the question. She had a chair in the middle of the bedroom, I stood before her and she lowered my pj's and I said, a spanking, not just a spanking, you will soon learn. I did learn quickly what she meant and when done I was rubbing and looking at her. Well she said, Yes I said, I love you so much. We got dress for church, and leaving a very good friend of hers smiled at me and said now I know the best wedding gift. At home I asked what that was, my soon to be wife said you will see. It was a very large wooden hairbrush, engraved "Getting to the Seat of the Problem.

kdpierre said...

I love bad puns as does my one stepson......the lion one is fantastic. I am promptly snatching it! Thanks.

Quentin QBuzz said...

Nice, I find there's few things better than going across my girlfriend's knee for a long hard spanking after a long week at work

Red said...

anon: thanks for sharing your adventures
kdpierre: youa re welcome
qbuzz: spankings work
bottoms up

Yorkie69 said...

If only I could have a lovely, hard spanking before every love making session that would be spanktastic!


Red said...

yorkie: we have sex frequently without spanking
bottoms up