Spanking Santas

I wish I could be invited to this type of party.
no I mean 

 looks like Santa's helper made a few too many mistakes
and in her youth, Audrey was spanked, now I am certain, she would be spanking Santa

As it is one week today to Christmas, may I be one of the first to send thoughts of good cheer your way
and remember

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun spanking party to me. It appears the woman on the left is bare on top except for the scarf.

QBuzz said...

Considering Santa is often depicted with a big leather belt, I'm surprised he's never seen taking it to naughty boys and girls :D

Anonymous said...

Going to be an interesting day today the 19th. On the 17th Robyn told me that I was going to get a spanking on the 19th. Then she added an all day spanking. Ouch talk about a sore bottom. That gave me two days to think about it. I'm sure I'll be put in different positions. I'll write about it when it's over.

sissy snow said...

it does...perhaps she is next

Red said...

archedone: it would be delightful to attend, and very observant my friend. I had not noticed.

qbuzz: a hand is so much better for the spanker to have fun.

archedone: exciting to think about. Sad it didn't happen but do remind her some other day this holiday season.

snow: possibly
bottoms up