The day later, I am not certain why we had an argument, but am happy it was settled. The spanking started with a wooden stirring spoon in the kitchen, and later after dinner it was completed with the Long Leather Tawse.

Bare bottomed, on top of pillows for elevation, a number of very effective spanks, and then being creative, we moved to the other side of the bed, so Cindy could equally chastise the further cheek.

A tawses greatest effect is at the tip, which is actually two independent tips, which are traveling at the highest speed of the entire length of the tawse. the aim is for mid center on the far cheek, so by moving to the other side of the bed, Cindy is then presented with the far side cheek not having gotten a lot of real attention, up until that time.

I do not know why I am being argumentative, but a solution is always readily at hand.

Much later in the evening, we made love. I imagine it is a sort of sexual release after spanking, and make-up sex all rolled into one.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I've had a number of spankings were she starts spanking me, stops then later starts again. I love the thought that I'll get more spanking after a pause. You are right about the tawse the tips do sting more. Speaking of kitchen spanking that is one place in the house I'm not spanked in. However the other day I was helping her make dinner and she gave me a playful swat over my jeans. Being the helpful husband that I am, I pulled my jeans and shorts down baring my bottom and said spanking is always on the bare and she gave me several more spanks and during those I said this is the first kitchen spanking.

Red said...

archedone: delightful, thanks for sharing
bottoms up