party time

If you are very fortunate, you might one day be invited to join a party like this one.

However, you might be the only man at the party, but this will not stop the girls from enjoying the moment
and then follow-up practicing what they have learned
But even if it is only a threesome..  you still will be the man of the hour
however, if you are not the party type of person... your wife still knows how to PARTY
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

There are probably a number of women who want to improve their marriage and would enjoy a spanking lesson. On the home front here the all day spanking didn't take place. Why? COMPANY! Robyn was just getting started with me on the bed and a rolled up blanket under my hips. I had gotten about 15-20 with the belt when the phone rang. Some friends wanted to stop over and visit. Asking if we were busy um how to you tell them well yes Robyn is spanking me. NOT. after a visit we all went shopping for last minute items then a late lunch. O well maybe another day.

QBuzz said...

I think if I could have one thing I really wanted at Christmas, it would be an invite to a party like this!

Red said...

archedone: friends are always worthwhile. your bottom can wait until another day.

qbuzz: s would I
bottoms up