hands on hips - solution

Can you guess what this means when you see
your partner standing there with her hands on her hips
I imagine you can if you are reading this blog.
The conversation might go as follows:
followed by the finger
pointing you over her lap
and then a leg over your legs to keep you from squirming too much
then quite possibly a change of position for the paddle
followed by straddling you on the bed to finish the spanking
I can assure you that this anger management technique works, and is 100% effective.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

In FLR it appears each dominate has different ways to show they are unhappy and you have a spanking in your future. Many spankings are in one position. But some can find you in several different positions with different implements and those are terrible as you never know when it will end, but you know you are going to be very sore when it does end.

Red said...

archedone: very true, everyone is different, but when you see she is annoyed,, the solution is very similar in a spanking relationship.
bottoms up