We are back into our cycle of frequent spankings, and that is just how life is.

I screw up, and that gets me spanked!
This time, this fine young woman shows the position I was in, sort of, except mine was obviously bare bottomed. (knees and hands on the bed)
The first stroke caused my head to rise I am certain
and the distress that was to come was dawning in my eyes
I am certain this could have been me
except I was also making owwing and agonizing noises and grunts
emanating from my mouth with each stroke
Some strokes were fast, some were only to the close cheek

but all were terribly effective
My legs were firmly shut to avid any stray stroke hitting between, as there is no way to protect the genitals with your hands on the bed

Do you and your partner go through cycles of frequent spankings, and then few and far between?

bottoms up



Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

You're on a roll with the inspirational posters.

Quentin QBuzz said...

With us it's more cycles of who's getting spanked and who's doing the spanking.
Interesting photo set, I wonder if she had to bare her bottom after the last one

Red said...

Dan: glad you like them

qbuzz; sounds like some delightful cycles

bottoms up

Yorkie69 said...

Mate, we're in a dry spell for spankings and I can't see it ending at all at the moment.


Yorkie69 said...

It seems the dry spell may be over but we'll have to wait until early next year. Merry Christmas!

Red said...

yorkie: hope the dry spell has ended
bottoms up