A friend visits a spanking school

John, one of our two very dear friends in the Netherlands (Holland),  had a rather exciting adventure, with the FULL APPROVAL of his wife Danielle

He arranged to have a visit to the  https://www.roseacademy.nl/home for a session.

Here is his experience. If you ever visit, state you were recommended by this blog, and maybe John will get a discount on his next lecture session.

As you know I had to wait for about a month because Mrs. R was a bit short of time. However, in the mean time there was a bit of a built up in the form of talking via what's App and emailing. I counted the days and then it was time - a beautiful mid September morning. I took a shower and  another one and then I left for a drive of about an hour and a half. We had agreed to meet outside a bungalow park. I called the lady by cellphone. She answered immediately with a "I will pick you up in a moment". Waiting however took longer than being expected and my mind drifted away. But then there was that brand new open sportscar. Behind the wheel a beautiful lady, gorgeous black hair, big sunglasses. Could be a movie star, was my first impression.  She asked "John, I presume" and when I confirmed, invited me into her car. After a short drive we stopped in front of a nice little bungalow. When she was out of the car , I saw a big strong curvaceous lady in her mid forties. Definitely, she could dish out a serious spanking, no doubt...

She invited me inside, and I had to sit down. I got something to drink and we had a nice chat. But then it was business. She asked a lot of questions I couldn't answer to her satisfaction. On top of that I has to admit I had done nothing at all to prepare for the private lecture.  She ordered me to stand in the corner, to think about my negligence.  After some time, I was ordered to sit down on a pillow on the ground in front of her. 

Mrs. R told me she got a bit of inside information from my wife D about my behavior and she asked: "What do you think, she told me. From what I hear and I think it must true! You can sometimes be a nasty and lazy boy, Danielle asked for some help with the discipline you need. I am going to give you a spanking you won't forget for a while. She pulled the zipper and yanked my pants and briefs down. Then it was over her knee for the inevitable bare bottom spanking, first with her strong hand, but soon with a leather paddle. Then she pulled me by the ear and took me to the corner for the second time. I rubbed my bottom. She definitely didn't like that because now I got a couple of slaps around the ear and I had to hold up my hand for the talk of a small ruler.

Then it was back to school again. She told me how to study and how to improve my results. However outside in the forest I saw a squirrel in a tree and my mind wandered away from Mrs. R .. Not for long. Mrs. R didn't like that either. I had to bend over a sofa. She said she had an implement, she liked very much. It was an Irish school strap, from the LONDON TANNERS, a well know premises in the spanking world.

It hurt like hell and now red turned into blue stripes. Then she asked if I had learned my lesson and she carefully watched the progress of the already given discipline. I waited too long to respond for she said probably not I think. 

"Suppose now I must use my canes" She took two canes, one a strong yellow uncle, the Germans say en the other, a thin whippy one.

To finish my discipline I got ten strokes with each one. My ass was now really on fire. Mrs. R told me for this day I had learned enough.

I got some refreshments and we talked about the session and some others things. I asked her what she thought about the session and she said I would be welcome to come back in nearby future. After about two hours, she brought me back to my own car. In no time I was home flying on the seat of my jeans. 

My reply:
Hi John:

Sounds like you had a fun time, with role playing of being a naughty student. Hope you were well spanked, and it appears you were.

Please give our best wishes to Danielle, and hope she is well. If so, it would have been a lecture while spanking you..

John's reply:
Yes Red, it was a sound spanking. as in the old days with Femke. She told me a bit about the Rose Academy and it seems the Staff are real life teachers and even a university professor in Latin and Greek. We will meet again early 2019, this time at our place where we will enjoy a seafood meal. Then there will be a follow-up of my progress . Maybe there will be a narrow escape this time.

You may use my writing as a post, no problem.

Spanking is regularly on the agenda at home now, because D is healthy. However no long sessions as with Mrs Rose. 

Hope you will visit our country in future. and that we can meet again. Must be four years back you were here. Maybe I need English lessons too...

Best wishes,

I thought many readers might find this enjoyable to read, and may have had the desire to visit one of these academies.

and a private/public note to John: we will be visiting this spring, but Cindy only spanks me. 

bottoms up


Joe said...

Yes Red you are correct I very much enjoyed reading this and am trying to arrange a similar session for myself. MY wife agrees and may go with me as she often says she is afraid of injuring me, I told her this would be a good opportunity to learn how to deliver a good stern spanking without risk of injury. I will let you know how it goes a double spanking should be something.

Anonymous said...

What an interesting experience for him, and interesting to read about. I'm sure others could also learn from something like that.

Yorkie69 said...

What a wonderful account. I'm not a fan of the school setting but the spanking sounded absolutely sublime.


john said...

Suppose when you meet us, there will be a lot of spanking for you, not only Cindy will make her point but Danielle too as you know. Looking forward to your visit my friend over the ocean...

Red said...

Joe: I hope it happens for both of you, as a good learning experience for your wife, and an exciting (fearful) session for you. Please write and give as much detail as you can, so I will publicize it like this post. The Rose Academy had quite a few redirects from this post.

archedone: glad you like the post.

yorkie: not a fan of school theme, but still a very fun time

John: First, thank you for your description of the event. Their were a lot of redirects to the Rose Academy, so maybe they have received more clients.
Cindy will give her permission for whatever Danielle believes is needed, and being at your house, Cindy would spank me if needed. however, we are coming to visit good friends, and spanking is not needed whatsoever. The women will decide that. Looking forward to seeing you soon, and Merry Christmas and a Happy and healthy New Year to both of you, and the entire family.

bottoms up