A F/M tumblr I love

Thought it was time to advise people who love F/M thoughts and captions, that they should visit

It is listed in the right hand column at the top and posts almost daily.
The site only has captions, so it might be safe for work, as long as you do not let anyone else near enough to read the captions.

This photo is from a different site

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Anonymous said...

"Don't Dry Your Bottom", the absolute worse spanking you will ever receive. I've stepped out of the shower and heard those words a few times. Over my wife lap, what ever she is wearing getting wet, she could care less, and by the time my bottom is dry, it is red, stinging, very warm, and not allow to rub, but face the wall.

Yorkie69 said...

I love that last one. It never gets old.


Red said...

anon: thanks
Yorkie69: glad you liked it

bottoms up