Two days later

One  more spanking for cause!

We have been booking a future vacation, as the Black Friday sales sometimes give great prices. Thus, we will be cruising in April. Cindy gets stressed 😫 about deciding, but is very happy 😃 afterwards.

The explanation while receiving a long session with the tawse was that I have to both help her relieve the anxiety, and be more decisive. Literally, make the decision for both of us, otherwise we will constantly give both pros and cons, and never make a decision.

This has been three spankings for me in five days, so it is safe to say that I am sitting gingerly.

We are extremely happy with the decisions about the two cruises.

Bottoms up


Yorkie69 said...

I like that last one. So true. And congratulations on three spankings in five days. I wish I were that fortunate.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Cindy is really tending to your bottom. You are very lucky to have someone that loves spanking you. She is also lucky to have someone that enjoys being spanked so much.

Lawrence Patrick Kane said...

Does she have a time limit ?

Red said...

yorkie (un)fortunate, depends on how hard.

archedone: I should behave better.

LPK: No, spanks until she is happy with the result

bottoms up