Tawse magic

Still on vacation, but just adding a new post. Cindy has been unhappy with my unhealthy eating, and thus has been dealing with it while we have been on our own.

Cindy propped up at the head board of the bed, and me bare bottomed over her knees. A slow long spanking, with pauses for lecture, and for me to be promising to eat less and more carefully while we are away, and when we get home.

The spanking had me squirming and owwing and sometimes yelping. That damn tawse is frightening, as Cindy uses it so effortlessly and effectively. It has become very flexible with usage, and thus bends and flies rapidly at my bottom. I do not look forward to it’s use, but know that it is what I need.

My bottom was on fire 🔥 from start to finish.

Even though we had the television on, I imagine my noise might have been heard by anyone in the adjacent rooms, or passing outside the door.

Cindy then took a leisurely shower, followed by us having extremely loud orgasms.

We dressed and left the room, and the people in the adjoining room quickly exited their room, glancing at us, before walking away. I wonder what they heard, and would love to know what they discussed later. They were in their twenties, whereas we are more than 40 years older.

Have you ever seen people who may have heard you being spanked?

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

the 'spanking as a punishment' is not working for you, is it? It's a treat for you. A better way for you to be punished, would be a 'spanking deprivation'.

Oh, my wife's sister knows about Lindsay's and my 'BDSM adventures'. A somewhat strange idea, haha.

Best wishes,

Marco (from Lindsay).

Yorkie69 said...

Hi Red, glad you're seeing some action!

Can't say I've ever come across someone who may have heard us playing. Not sure what I would do or how I would feel.


Anonymous said...

Many spankings in many areas and lots of hotel spanking but usually the rooms next to us have been empty, so I don't think anyone has every enjoyed hearing my ouches and owes and the belt or strop getting my attention.

Anonymous said...

Yes, quite a few times - in hotel rooms mostly, but once also in the ladies' restroom of a small airport in Spain - and, several times, the smiling glances we got from the chambermaids (or from female hotel guests) left no doubt that they knew what had been going on.

Red said...

Marco; they work, because I would be much worse. We will have to adapt somewhat to be more effective. Just how did your sister in law find out? What was her reaction? You might be spanked by both of them someday.

Yorkie: grin and tell them it works to make a better relationship, and that they should try it.

archedone: I would imagine someone was in the adjoining room, or walking by your door at some time

L: fond memories I imagine. I would not be embarrassed that they knew I was spanked, just that I needed to be spanked to change a behavior
bottoms up