Spanking to solve a problem (Cindy spanked)

We are getting older, and sometimes stress and anxiety becomes a problem. I am working on getting Cindy to be calmer when we drive, and to think more.

We have a Garmin when driving in unfamiliar areas, and Cindy relies on it over common sense. It is sometimes a panic frantic do this, if a turn is missed, or details about our trip or destination, demanding my attention inappropriately.

If a turn is missed, we just go to the next street or exit and continue. If I am entering traffic on a highway, until I am comfortably in my lane and know everything around me, I do not need to know we will be on this road for 7 miles.

I instituted a three strikes and you will be spanked policy. The day after I was spanked, Cindy hit three strikes in the same day.

That evening Cindy was bare bottom over my knee, but not very thrilled, and only agreeing in the slightest that she should be spanked.

A little more discussion on my part of how dangerous driving can be, how fortunate we have been never having been in an accident for over 30 years, and that was declared the other person’s fault. I also reminded her of the habit of talking to me, while I back out of our driveway, and while we are just starting to drive. All extremely dangerous activities, that I keep asking her not to do.

Twenty significant spanks with my hand, or ten with the tawse. We started with two quick taspanks and she flew off my lap. No way Jose! This is your stupid childish game that I don’t understand, and many other words. Eventually, with discussion, as to how to change her stress and anxiety while driving, lead to the conclusion that maybe a spanking might help. Plus, before I start the car, we will discuss anything important, and how we will NOT let the Garmin override our common sense.

Sixteen hand spanks later had a very rosy red bottom for Cindy.

We hugged,  and Cindy reluctantly thanked me for the spanking.

Driving has been fine for two days now, and once when her anxiety started to rise, I reminded her to relax and avoid strike one, which she did.

All is well, and I believe this will really help.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

Cindy needs to learn that there is only room for 1 driver. Maybe a reminder spanking before a trip starts will help her.
I bet she looked beautiful with a cherry red bottom.

ronnie said...

I've been in Cindy's shoes and yes a little spanking certainly helps.


Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

It seems that Cindy and my Lindsay have more in common than the joy of spanking the husband.
You can bet on it, when I reach a certain point where I am needing all my attention, a question pops-up in Lindsay's mind and it's 'bla bla bla' from that second on. I have stressed out many times that 'concentration and questions' don't mix to well while driving.

Best wishes,

Marco (from Lindsay)

Red said...

archedone: she did, but I tread very carefully

Ronnie: it does, and a little spanking did help

Marco: so very true, and you might suggest to Lindsay that a short hand spanking of ten spanks on her bare bottom if she continues with this behavior. Simply the act of baring one's bottom and negotiating down to five spanks, will quite possibly deter the problem
The problem has not occurred since this spanking in our family

bottoms up