spanked the next day because of my weight

With all our travels, the weight sometimes adds back on. This happened on our last vacation, but we only did the real weigh in yesterday.
This morning, less than 14 hours after yesterdays spanking, I was spanked again.

It was needed, as I weighed in at 180.5, and I must be well under 180.
Being a slightly intelligent man, I did not offer this in my defense
NOR did I say
An exact repeat spanking was given, as Cindy has come to love using the short TAWSE, and she uses it amazingly well.

Bare bottomed, over her knees on the bed, with her back braced against the bed board at the top of the bed.

I was owwing and arghhhhhging from almost the first spank. This did NOT deter Cindy in the least. Last night, I had snacked on Cashews, two Halloween packages of chips, and peanut butter. No way this is EVER acceptable.

A pause then the spanking restarted with many spanks, and then repeat. Pause, spanks, you get the idea.
Before she finally stopped, I was squirming all over the place to escape the spanks. Some were wrapping horribly hard, and thus I was presenting more of the closest cheek to be spanked. You can imagine that the tawse was then delving into the crack constantly, as visible by the red inside the crack of my cheeks, with no white whatsoever.

When Cindy finally stopped, it was get up and put the pillows in place, then bottoms up once again this time for the cane. the cane was used longer and stronger than yesterday.

I needed this spanking, and WILL moderate my eating.

The RED is nowhere as bright as it was, as this is with a flash that dulls and whitens.

Cindy remarked on the photo that the angle shows her strokes, so we will have to have you change sides  so as I give full attention to everywhere. no mention was made of half way, just change position so that my head is on the other side of the bed, and her spanks will delve on the white areas more.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and that she loves me enough to make me watch my weight.

About 9 hours we made love, and it was absolutely mind blowing.

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

So being overweight gets you spanked by your wife. Seems as likely to be an incentive as a disincentive for a spanko.

Anonymous said...

Another deserved spanking. To keep the spanking even maybe Cindy should use a wooden spoon then maybe both cheeks will match. I'm betting Cindy was smiling thru the whole spanking watching your cheeks bouncing and you ouching and owing. She could also use the wheel borrow position and get between the cheeks better.
The last spanking I had two days ago had me bent over the end of the bed and Robyn said it was just for practice, and she used the belt, strop and whip. I think Cindy needs practice using the cane as you don't have any stripes.

Quentin QBuzz said...

I like that Cindy has 'come to love' the tawse. Does she say why she loves it so much?

Yorkie69 said...

I wish I had the spare cash to get me one of those tawses.


P.S. Hope the weight loss goes well mate. You need to look after yourself. As do I.

Red said...

Doug: not really, as we both want me to lose weight, and the spanking is real, plus the lecture reminds me I am shortening my life with this excess weight
Archedone: the tawse is much more effective. Glad Robyn is having fun, and so are you. Practice with the cane is occurring with it’s frequent use
Qbuzz she simply sees how effective it is by my howling and squirming, and feet frantically dancing
Yorkie Hope you find the cash soon, and eating less junk will save the waistline and the pocketbook
Bottoms up