Cindy's small tantrum spanked

Cindy had a small tantrum, was worrying about something and arguing that it was really important.

Having enough, I said: "you need to be spanked to get over this, so bare your bottom and go over my knee!"

My reply was: " fine, I will go get the hair brush, and then I will bare your bottom and put you over my knee!"

Cindy immediately started unbuttoning her jeans and pushing them down, and lowering her panties, and then bent over my knees, while complaining that she shouldn't be spanked.

A few spanks later, she continued to complain that I should have known,  blah blah blah, and a few more spanks, with a pause to say:

Who is over whose knee, and do you really want to continue this discussion.....

Spank, spank , spank..

Pause: is this important enough to argue  and continue to be spanked, or do you want to drop the topic now.

just a murmur of a reply had a few more strong hand spanks, and Cindy's bottom was getting quite red...

OKAY, I will drop the topic
spank spank  and what else do you need to say.. (no tears or loud owwwing like the photo shows, but still a well felt spanking, and a red bottom)

Yes, thank you for my spanking and may I get up now.

A kiss and a hug followed, and the little tantrum was put in perspective.

Spankings work to solve silly problems

bottoms up


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