Spanking art

Sometimes you have to ask for a helping hand
and deliberately we forget the number
sometimes you are given no choice
but both methods do solve a problem

 so many different problems, solved by the same METHOD
and sometimes, with additional benefits afterwards
and the spanker might also feel the same warmth

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Italian spanking tumblr

The fun of following tumblrs and clicking on where the post came from is that you get taken to new tumblrs.
 the bonus is you often see
a different selection of spanking gifs and photos
The site is titled    LA Stanza di Mondy

the first set of gifs is amazing
enjoy exploring the site.
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spanking art from old magazines

AH! The good old days
 when the man was in charge
and sometimes,  as the saying goes
it seemed a reasonable solution
to solving a problem
 fun thoughts
 and all your heroes did it

little did I know at that time, that the future would CHANGE , but this one might have been worthwhile pondering upon
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russian spanking site

Another different sit eot visit, where you may find a different selection of gifs and pictures.
Always nice to see people interested in spanking around the world

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women being spanked tumblrs

Spanked women websites are proliferating, as thus so are tumblrs. Here are just a few...
love spanking. exploring kinks. searching for a dom.
22. looking for friends feel free to mail or kik me. 

Thirty something male who enjoys the smack of firm discipline on the bottoms of beautiful women 
I'm a girl that likes and needs to be spanked. I'm a brat at heart, but all in fun and play. Sarcastic sense of humor and a dirty mind. =)~

EROTIC ART IMAGES & VIDEOS of  SPANKINGS...  DD (Domestic Discipline) and D/s (Dominance & Submission). **adults 18+ only** NSFW

enjoy exploring these new sites


twosomes spanked FANTASY

Well ,as one ages, one wonders about the joys and foibles of being spanked while another man is also being spanked. This is directed at any men who read this, or their spanking partner, who might have a similar interest.

However, one only sees two  women being spanked on the sites  I visit.

Imagine being told to stand there, and contemplate, with the spanking implements on display
knowing that soon you will bot h be bare bottomed, like these ladies, with a very red bottom!
Maybe we would be naked, hands on head, and waiting to be told to bend over
with the spankees so close, one spanker would have to be left handed, and one right handed
Might it be with hands clasped at the knees and bent over for the tawse
or kneeling on the bed
maybe both spankers will have a session with one spankee, and then the next spankee.

It could be a woman and a man being spanked, by their respective spouse, and the spanking would be such that you hear your friend being spanked, but are facing away so you never see their naked bottom.





Two days later

One  more spanking for cause!

We have been booking a future vacation, as the Black Friday sales sometimes give great prices. Thus, we will be cruising in April. Cindy gets stressed 😫 about deciding, but is very happy 😃 afterwards.

The explanation while receiving a long session with the tawse was that I have to both help her relieve the anxiety, and be more decisive. Literally, make the decision for both of us, otherwise we will constantly give both pros and cons, and never make a decision.

This has been three spankings for me in five days, so it is safe to say that I am sitting gingerly.

We are extremely happy with the decisions about the two cruises.

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Happy Thanksgiving to everyone

This captioned photo was borrowed from Ronnie http://ronniesoul.blogspot.com/

Have a wonderful day whether you celebrate life because it is Thanksgiving in America, or simply because life and happiness should be celebrated

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