long tawse and cane spanking

Cindy came home from the gym, and informed me to come upstairs for my spanking!

Dumbfounded, I followed immediately.

Requested to get something leather and a cane, I retrieved the long tawse and one of Ronnie's cane.
We have rarely used the long tawse, almost always using the short tawse.
I placed three pillows on the bed, bared my bottom, and positioned myself like you see in this photo.
Each stroke with the tawse had my feet jerking, and my involuntary owing.
Cindy used the tawse slowly, and waited until my feet were back down, and then the next stroke.
Cindy then informed me that I had been rude and blurted out a complaint at her, which was uncalled for. I did not remember it whatsoever, and she explained. We had almost collided, but I should have handled it better.
After many spanks, it was then time for the cane

A different one than usual, but equally as effective. This women's bottom looks far better than mine, but I did NOT react as stoically as she did.
When Cindy decided that I could standup, I apologized, and thanked her for the spanking.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a very sound and called for spanking. It's good you just followed her with out a bunch of questions and just did as she said and accepted the fact she was going to spank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello Red,

well, a wife really doesn't need a reason for giving out a spanking. She just wants the deal one out and there's nothing more to it.

Best wishes,

Marco (from Lindsay)

Red said...

archedone; when she has decided, no discussion with Cindy is needed nor wanted.

Marco: very true
bottoms up