a quick spanking

I get stressed, and do dumb things.

A spanking helps to set things calm and on an even keel.

I asked Cindy before going out for a quick spanking, and then please give me a real one later tonight when you are home.

She agreed, and I retrieved the long tawse.

Over two pillows, at the corner of the bed, bare bottom, I thought in old fashioned terms of six of the best or maybe 12.

I was wrong, but I was counting as each one was a wallop.

With lecture, and how we are going to simplify our life, I rece4ived TWENTY NINE STROKES WITH THE LONG TAWSE.
This certainly changed my mood. We are gong to try to tell jokes to each other, to make an aim of being happy always, and I will now stop reading the news on the Internet. It is too depressing, and makes me angry every morning. If anyone knows a good news channel that only reports on people being good yo one another, please let me know.

This happened the afternoon before going on our cruise vacation.

bottoms up



Yorkie69 said...

Holy cow. That was a quick spanking? I'd love one of those. Did you get the significant one later?


Anonymous said...

Not sure what it would be called in your area but Kare 11 news is better.

Red said...

yorkie: one was enough for me to be a good boy.

archedone: thanks, I will look at it
bottoms up