The Benefits Of Being Spanked

Here are some ideas, that I found on a tumblr website. I have added the pictures and the gifs.

The Benefits Of Being Spanked
Many people believe that if someone likes to get spanked, it is all sexual. That is not the case all the time. Even though getting spanked has some sexual effects or enhances sexual arousal, there are many non-sexual benefits from getting spanked. What can spankings do for you?
1. Getting spanked relieves stress.
(she is no longer stressed by your behavior, and yours is also gone)
2. Getting spanked is calming. 
(you quickly learn how to be calm, and the consequences of not being calm when talking)

3. Getting spanked generates endorphins and puts you in a euphoric state. 
(sad, but becoming very horny)

4. Getting spanked generates adrenaline and gives an adrenaline rush, especially if you are anticipating getting a very harsh one.

5. Getting spanked lifts moods. Russian psychiatrists have found success in treating depression with bare butt whippings. 
(the color of your bottom lets you know you are now forgiven)
6. The marks left from getting spanked is like an art of its own. 

7. For some, it can restore feelings of youth. 
 baring your bottom 
Don’t be ashamed of getting spanked, enjoy it! 

For those who never tried it in your adult years, give it a try. You never know, you may like it. 

but then again, maybe you will not like it
This is from a site that has unfortunately been deactivated
bdsm information safety and education




Anonymous said...

A very good list of the benefits of being spanked. I certainly agree that it is calming. One day when I was in a bad mood I yelled at my girlfriend when she asked me to do something I had agreed to the previous day. I guess it could be called back talk, like in the picture. She promptly gave me a quick spanking with her hand, saying that if I behaved like a naughty boy I would be punished like one. It was not hard enough to be painful, but it did have a calming effect on me.

Yorkie69 said...

Oh gosh. What do I like best? All of it! I love talking about spanking, I love thinking about spanking, I love reading about spanking. For my own spankings, I love the anticipation, the undressing (I'm always naked), I love the first swat and then every swat after that. I love feeling like I want it to stop yet when it does I want more. I love the adrenalin rush. I love my wife who spanks me.

I guess I love being spanked.


Joe said...

he benefits of being spanked are many and more then listed here. I wanted to be spanked for a long time and at first my wife did not like the idea but talked a great deal about it and she thought for a long time. She finally agreed to try and the first couple were very mild and disappointing but I thanked her her and told her it was great. Slowly my spankings became more frequent and harder so long as I promised to tell her if it was too much. I promised I would and use the green light red light system, have not said red yet. Now she looks forward to spanking me and will decide she is in the mood and tell me to get ready which I always do cheerfully. She will use many different implements, spank hard, soft fast,slow as she likes and I always love it. My spanking always make me feel loved, cared for and carefree, stress free and horny. Nothing like a good hard spanking after a bad day at work and then making love.

Anonymous said...

Every thing you listed about spanking is true for me. I love the feeling I have in my stomach when I'm told she is going to spank me. I feel butterflies, excitement for what is about to happen, my cheeks start to clench and I get erect, thinking of how she will have me present my bottom to her. What I love most is that she likes to spank me and has fun while doing it. But what is the best is the spanking it's self. the implement landing, the sting, the ouches and ows and kicking. And I can't leave out the after glow and like most say when it's over you want more.

Red said...

Richard: very good example of how spanking is a positive in a relationship.

Yorkie: I have the exact same feelings

Joe: what a delightful description of what we love. Cindy has followed the same path.

archedone: another delightful description of what we love

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