My spanking

In our evolution of spanking, Cindy accepts to being spanked for specific things. Everything is on a discussion first basis, and only if The behaviour must be changed.

Also, if Cindy is spanked, then I am given a much more significant spanking the next day, or later on the same day.

Thus, the day later I was given a thorough spanking with the short tawse, followed by a good dose of the bath brush.

This method certainly re-establishes who is ultimately in charge, and who should be spanked.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That sounds like a good rule to follow. It reestablishes who is in charge and who does the spanking.

Anonymous said...

Whenever (i.e. infrequently), J. agrees that she deserves - or needs - to be spanked, I know that I will soon receive a "retribution" -and that "business as usual" will promptly be resumed.

Red said...

archedone: very true
L: great, however, that J admits to being at fault, and accepting a spanking.
bottoms up