Drinking leads to spanking

I have for quite some time, solved the problem of 🍷 too much when out with friends. This was solved by a spanking before going out for dinner with friends. We had gotten to the stage that spanking was no longer needed.

Last night, I slipped up, and drank far more than I should. Four people, one and a half bottles of wine, but Cindy and the other woman had almost none.
I brushed Cindy off, when she said that we did not need a second bottle. I get very talkative when drinking more than I should.

I did not sleep well last night, as the wine was potent, but really a cheap wine with a high price.

This morning, after my shower, I retrieved the short tawse and bath brush, apologized for my drinking, and asked Cindy to spank me. Cindy thanked me for realizing I needed to be spanked, and added she had planned to spank me after her shower.

Lecture, while standing naked before her, and agreeing with everything she said, as I was thinking the same thoughts.

Over the knee, a long dose of the tawse, with pauses for Cindy to catch her breath. Music playing on the television, so as the owner of the Airbnb who lives downstairs would not hear. No need for him to ever post about this kinky couple.

Cindy used the short tawse on the top of the back of my legs, significantly. I imagine she was quite pleased how I owwed and my feet danced. I had explained a while ago how this was a part of the sit spot when sitting, and thus would make me feel like soreness and remember the spanking longer.

Cindy used the tawse for over four minutes, as the first song we put on said 3:42, and we were well into the next song before she stopped. The song was dancing queen, by Cher, and I am certain my feet were dancing.

Cindy paused for a minute or two, and I was requested to stand and stretch my back, then back otk for a short session with the bath brush

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and suggested that we return to spanking before dinner out with friends until I prove to be more responsible. Cindy agreed.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

That was a well deserved spanking. Cindy is getting much better in the discipline department in that she makes sure you feel it after. There should be more wives like her.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like very effective discipline. Blows on the back of the thighs are very painful and there is less of an erotic effect than when they are applied on the bottom.

Anonymous said...

I wish J. would turn on the radio when she decides to spank me in one of our hotel rooms to cover the noise of those sessions she so often likes to administer when we are traveling - but that's probably wishful thinking on my part, as she clearly enjoys the thrill of being overheard (as often happens!)

Red said...

archedone: very well deserved.

Richard : true

L: only because the Airbnb landlord lived downstairs, so no need to get a reputation on Airbnb.

bottoms up