do it yourself

A little collection of selfies
You might start with your hand
but have implements to continue with
the implement and intensity is up to you
 you can control the intensity
 and make your bottom super red to match your hair
 conversely, your normal spanker might direct you to spank yourself (an interesting twist)
with implements and positions
to see what gets the spanking done best
or maybe you are just showing your partner what to do



Good Life Mickey said...

Yes. It hurt.

Anonymous said...

Interesting and yes I have tried self spanking. I've tried all our implements, the hair brush, belt, strop, paddle and whip. The only implement I can give myself enough sting is the whip, can't seem to swing the others hard enough and yes I did try LOL.

otkloverjohn said...

Yes I have self-spanked. First years back as interesting experimentation. Then for many years, snuck spankings when vanilla wife was away. Now I don't have to, as I have wife who does not hesitate to take me to task.

QBuzz said...

I like the idea that the lady in the first GIF is sending it to her man to tempt him home early to give her the spanking (and more) that she craves

Anonymous said...

I have never spanked myself. My girlfriend is the only person who has the right to spank me. If she were to find marks on my bottom, she might think I had been across another woman's knee, something which is definitely not allowed.

Red said...

GOOD LIFE: As have I, when much earlier in life and not being spanked.

archedone; experimentation is always good. Maybe Robyn will require you to spank yourself while she watches.

otkloverjohn: glad things have worked out for you

qbuzz: definitely agree with the thoughts

Richard: makes sense

bottoms up

Bernie said...

Yes, I do self spank from time to time. I have a Neoprene paddle that is zingy enough to do an effective job. Still, though, I'd rather have my sweetie use it on me.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I have self spanked before. I have done it at the direction of a woman I was chatting with. I also was on web cam for her and others to watch.


Yorkie69 said...

Yep. Have done it but now I find I'd rather wait for the missus. To get the desired effect now I have to work too hard...


Anonymous said...

Yes, I have self-spanked, with a belt and/or a stiff silicone spatula. Two drawbacks are that you are not under the control of your spanker, and the humiliation of being bared and submitting to her is absent.

But, it’s better than no spanking. Self-spanking under the command of your spanker thru phone or chat is in the middle.

Red said...

good life mickey: yea, it can if you do it long and hard enough.

archedone: experimentation is always fun, but better to be spanked by Robyn for certain.

otkloverjohn: glad the second marriage is good for both of you.

qbuzz: a very delightful message to receive.

Richard: a very true thought I had not considered.

Bernie: ask and you are very likely to receive

Matt: sounds like a lot of fun

yorkie: very true. A real spanking needs a real person administering the spanking.

anon: true. always better to be spanked by someone
bottoms up