comic spanking art (how our spanking desires might have begun part two)

The influences of what we read, and what we IMAGINED, during our youth, has probably influenced more than any individual things does today.
Batman spanked naughty women
The spirit spanked
Flash spanked
 Superman also spanked
 and Superman advised men who loved and wanted to marry someone to spank his future wife

The fact that we saw spanking in certain circumstances:
  • where it seemed very well deserved
  • where it corrected a problem
  • where it was not BRUTAL
  • and where it was practiced by adults spanking adults (yes, I know that we also saw children being spanked, but I refuse to ever acknowledge or show it on MY  BLOG)

Cn it be any wonder that we felt men were permitted to spank women....

and how wonderfully we have evolved where WOMEN CAN SPANK MEN.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I remember seeing spankings in comics when I was growing up and no doubt they had an influence on me. The thing that most influenced me however was a tv program about a country in southeast Asia (I can't remember which country it was), where corporal punishment was in use for adults. It showed a young man being punished. As I recall it, he was not being caned but paddled. It seemed quite natural to me that when I grew up I too would be punished by having my bottom spanked. My girlfriend finds the idea quite natural too!

Dan - A Disciplined Hubby said...

Quite the kinky working environment at DC Comics!

Anonymous said...

This is a test to see if it goes thru.

Anonymous said...

I think I found my error and will post again. I remember those comics and lets not forget Archie spanking Betty. Maybe that was where my interest started, but then it was me spanking women, until I found the joy of presenting my bottom and getting spanked and I never looked back.

Anonymous said...

Hi Red,

You mislabeled one of the images. It's actual Captain Marvel / Shazam doing the spanking and not the Flash. Same comic group wrong superhero. Great post though!

Good Life Mickey said...

Superman using a robot double to spank Lois Lane...

Anonymous said...

For comics, google Housewives at Play: Do As You Are Told. Nice cover.


Red said...

Richard : glad it works for your girlfriend and you.

Dan: I would have loved to work there.

archedone: I enjoy baring my bottom to be spanked, but would still love to spank women

anon: thanks for the correction.

good life mickey: yes, that is in the next installment

Matt: glad you like the post. The book looks like it could be fun.

bottoms up