Cindy spanked

Occasionally, Cindy needs to be de-stressed. Traveling by car sometimes makes her anxious.

Examples abound:

staring left when I am about to enter two way traffic, and needing to cross over one direction of traffic to go left ( meaning I have to be clear on both ways), and when I look right I am staring into her eyes.

Sometimes panicking that I am in the wrong lane to exit a highway, when I know and can see how it opens in front of me.

Listening to our Garmin directions instead of thinking the overall picture of where we are going. Garmin will take you on side roads to save 10 feet of driving.

Anxiety: I wanted to get the luggage out and into the Airbnb where we had arrived,before going to eat, whereas she was too hungry to wait. It had been raining all day m and had currently stopped. When we did get back after eating, it was fortunately only a light drizzle.

Solution: a bare bottom over the knees hand spanking, with many spanks and lecture about safety and driving. Our safety is more important, even if I make a wrong turn, than doing something hastily while driving.

All is once again wonderful

Spankings work, when given with love.

Bottoms up


Anonymous said...

I was allowed to spank Robyn once and it was fun she has a beautiful bottom for spanking. But to spank her for something she did wrong or to distress her, not in this family. she might spank me if she is stressed and that does help her.

Yorkie69 said...

I would love it if my wife enjoyed spanking just a little. Maybe I could give her the gift of a spanking. Just hard enough to make her tingle.


Red said...

archedone; accepting a spanking she should receive is very gentlemanly of you

Yorkie: worth a try, but only consensually
bottoms up