Drinking leads to spanking

I have for quite some time, solved the problem of 🍷 too much when out with friends. This was solved by a spanking before going out for dinner with friends. We had gotten to the stage that spanking was no longer needed.

Last night, I slipped up, and drank far more than I should. Four people, one and a half bottles of wine, but Cindy and the other woman had almost none.
I brushed Cindy off, when she said that we did not need a second bottle. I get very talkative when drinking more than I should.

I did not sleep well last night, as the wine was potent, but really a cheap wine with a high price.

This morning, after my shower, I retrieved the short tawse and bath brush, apologized for my drinking, and asked Cindy to spank me. Cindy thanked me for realizing I needed to be spanked, and added she had planned to spank me after her shower.

Lecture, while standing naked before her, and agreeing with everything she said, as I was thinking the same thoughts.

Over the knee, a long dose of the tawse, with pauses for Cindy to catch her breath. Music playing on the television, so as the owner of the Airbnb who lives downstairs would not hear. No need for him to ever post about this kinky couple.

Cindy used the short tawse on the top of the back of my legs, significantly. I imagine she was quite pleased how I owwed and my feet danced. I had explained a while ago how this was a part of the sit spot when sitting, and thus would make me feel like soreness and remember the spanking longer.

Cindy used the tawse for over four minutes, as the first song we put on said 3:42, and we were well into the next song before she stopped. The song was dancing queen, by Cher, and I am certain my feet were dancing.

Cindy paused for a minute or two, and I was requested to stand and stretch my back, then back otk for a short session with the bath brush

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, and suggested that we return to spanking before dinner out with friends until I prove to be more responsible. Cindy agreed.

Bottoms up


My spanking

In our evolution of spanking, Cindy accepts to being spanked for specific things. Everything is on a discussion first basis, and only if The behaviour must be changed.

Also, if Cindy is spanked, then I am given a much more significant spanking the next day, or later on the same day.

Thus, the day later I was given a thorough spanking with the short tawse, followed by a good dose of the bath brush.

This method certainly re-establishes who is ultimately in charge, and who should be spanked.

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wedding part 3

You agreed to an F/M relationship when you dated, so were not surprised when you saw your bride to be
but maybe a little flustered when you saw it written into the marriage contract
Remember, there are so many reasons that the marriage can start off on the wrong foot! 

Possibly you are walking BACK FROM the Church ceremony together!
so back at your place, your wife will first say:
and then your  wife is giving you something to look at, as she attends to your behavior
and it might take a few days before you are forgiven

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Cindy spanked

Occasionally, Cindy needs to be de-stressed. Traveling by car sometimes makes her anxious.

Examples abound:

staring left when I am about to enter two way traffic, and needing to cross over one direction of traffic to go left ( meaning I have to be clear on both ways), and when I look right I am staring into her eyes.

Sometimes panicking that I am in the wrong lane to exit a highway, when I know and can see how it opens in front of me.

Listening to our Garmin directions instead of thinking the overall picture of where we are going. Garmin will take you on side roads to save 10 feet of driving.

Anxiety: I wanted to get the luggage out and into the Airbnb where we had arrived,before going to eat, whereas she was too hungry to wait. It had been raining all day m and had currently stopped. When we did get back after eating, it was fortunately only a light drizzle.

Solution: a bare bottom over the knees hand spanking, with many spanks and lecture about safety and driving. Our safety is more important, even if I make a wrong turn, than doing something hastily while driving.

All is once again wonderful

Spankings work, when given with love.

Bottoms up


two spanker fantasies

Fantasies come in all sizes and shapes.

One might be having to wait while the two ladies make your embarrassed, before you are spanked.

One might be that you are being spanked by both your mother-in-law and your wife.
Yours might be that your wife is demonstrating to her friends how they should spank their husbands
or demonstrating to one friend, who is ENJOYING watching, and adding comments to increase your embarrassment
or maybe being aided by her friend to stay in place while being spanked

So many photos of this nature are on EVERY SPANKING PAY SITE, that I imagine is is quite a common fantasy.

I know I have fantasized this situation.


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Health Advice for Men

Men always would like to livelonger

 but if those breasts do NOT belong to your wife
and what follows
is preordained
possibly followed by corner time

bottoms up
Now, if I said this, it would only take one minute of an argument to have this happen


Spankings while on vacation

Vacations are amazing, but little things can be stressful! We have had a delightful rental house for a week, but it had crappy internet, that then died! It could not be fixed, until the owner returns.

Cindy wants internet, thus the stress! Nothing I could do, as the cable/internet box was working for tv, but not internet.

The realtor tried to remedy the problem, but no success.

Stress causes me to have a shortness of breath, which built over a couple of days.

A strong spanking helped solve my problem, and let Cindy release her anxiety. ( bath brush, short tawse, and teacher cane) Making love after was fabulous!

We talked about spanking, and how much I appreciated Cindy spanking me. Cindy realizes it solves my stress, and that it solves any misbehaving on my part. ( it also works for Cindy to be spanked when she misbehaves.)

Another strong spanking the next day and all was well. ( I requested this to completely end my stress)

Two days later another spanking was needed, and solved all little trivial issues.

All is well, and we now have internet in our new hotel.

Bottoms up


that first spank

Of course, many photos are posed for spanking sites, but still
the look of shock
that some people portray is quite realistic....(maybe having your bottom bared for the spanking that you thought was finished is still got many more spanks to be given

as the spanking continues the facial expressions change
and maybe tears start falling as you limply accept more spanks

I wonder if anyone has videoed their own face when a spanking starts, to see the different looks that pass on their face.

I am too concerned with the spanks, to really focus looking at a mirror.

Any thoughts you have that you have witnessed would be appreciated if you shared them with my readers.

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black eye damage

Your medicinal report for the month        BLACK EYE DAMAGE

A black eye is a skull fracture, particularly if the area around both eyes is bruised (raccoon eyes) or if there has been a head injury...


For years, the conventional wisdom has been that the best treatment for a black eye is to cover it with a piece of raw meat. Scientific studies have proven that while the raw meat helps reduce the swelling and aids in the healing process, applying cold meat actually delays the recovery of the broken blood vessels that cause the bruising around the orbital socket, while frozen meat may cause superficial thermal burns to the skin.

These same studies demonstrated that application of warm and tender meat is much more effective in helping the eyes recover from the damage because the bruising isn't compounded by thermal shock.

Therefore, the next time you get a black eye, try this method:

Administer treatment until pain and swelling are gone.

Caution: This method may cause swelling in other areas.
For most old guys the swelling will be minimal
Therefore it is not expected that this method will be dangerous for you.
No need to thank me. I forward this in the interest of better health.
However, if this is NOT your partner administering the relief...

The swelling will occur behind you
and last a significant amount of time
The lady involved might also benefit and receive the same treatment  

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end art

For those fans of EndArt, which has closed! End Art had drawings that covered any spanking scene you could imagine, and a few you may not have thought of.
Here are a few concepts they covered

Spanking your man makes you sexually aroused
 thinking your spanking was done, and learning it has only just begun
Suddenly realizing you are about to be spanked
 making certain he understands you enjoy being spanked, and what has happened is only the warm-up
and celebrating that you have been spanked more than once in the same day
You could even imagine a servant spanking you

Here is a site that lets the fabulous art work live on.

you could also have being spanked by someone much younger than you
 or someone else witnessing or helping with your spanking.
enjoy looking at the different art.
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