Why men get spanked

Sometimes, it is because our sense of humor is different than that of a woman....

Example one: A man would laugh at this one
The look after you laughed at the first caption
is followed by a very determined spanking.
Men think this will actually work
but your wife's response is: come here
and you bend over for your spanking
You might send this photo to your wife at work titled unsolicited Dick Pic
she will be seated and waiting for you when you get home
No guessing about your fate is necessary
will get a lecture about the seriousness of using fireworks..
followed by the paddle that is awaiting your bare bottom

bottoms up


Anonymous said...

After making a joke that she does not think is funny, you get to play guessing games with yourself. What is she going to spank me with this time? How will she want my bottom positioned for her, and last but not least will I be able to sit after.

Anonymous said...

It is true that men's sense of humor is different to women's. I noticed this shortly after I had first discussed spanking with my girlfriend. She had not dismissed it out of hand, but I was still not sure if she was really into it. Then we went for a walk, and while we were out, I made what I thought was a humorous remark about her appearance. She clearly did not share my sense of humor, she promptly gave me several hard swats on my bottom. A woman who was passing by smiled. I found this a little embarrassing, but at least it showed me that my girlfriend was really into spanking. Not long afterwards we bought a paddle, which is still in the drawer in the bedside cabinet. (It doesn't stay in the drawer all the time, needless to say!)

Vanessa Chaland said...

I found the last meme amusing because I've never sent a text message in my life. :)

Red said...

archedone: almost makes the joke worthwhile, except for the worry.

Richard: sounds like fun. enjoy

Vanessa: I send messages, but only occasionally. If it is worth saying, why not talk on the phone is my question to texters.
bottoms up