thought for today

Never be wishy washy when deciding to give someone a spanking, if in a consensual spanking relationship involving adults
This woman understands
and we can only dream of being able to do this at work (EXCEPT P DOES THIS AT WORK WTITH RONNIE - such a lucky man)
 As I said, always be effective
be in charge,
 and make certain he (or she) knows it
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I receive different types of spankings. Discipline when I've really messed up. Maintenance when she just wants to remind me to behave. and last but not lease, spanking just for her pleasure. In all three Robyn lets me know she is in charge, by the way she talks during the spanking and with the force used. I sure love that woman.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the spanker in a consensual adult spanking relationship should not be wishy washy. A few weeks ago my girlfriend and I were in the bedroom when she sat on the bed and said in a firm voice: "Get over my knee!" I found it very erotic being told to present my bottom like this. We have agreed that she has the right to spank me, so there is no need for long discussions.

Red said...

archedone; a wonderful woman, who uses spanking for creating better relationship, consensually.

Richard: sounds perfect, but more is needed to a relationship than sex and spanking.

bottoms up