the truth

The truth for many submissives… (just change the photo to a man if the spankee is female)
 and the talk always leads to
A Reminder
and by this stage I am always answering Yes Dear!
I know that my dominate side is extremely strong, and Cindy needs to spank me to keep it in check.



Anonymous said...

Unlike the ladies here, Robyn has a different way to let me know she's upset or that she just feels like spanking me. She is almost cheerful and smiling in the way she tells me I'm getting a spanking.

Anonymous said...

The most male-feared words in the English language: "We need to talk." Said with "that" voice and tone.

Even if there is no spanking involved, it's going to be rough.

Red said...

archedone: delightful that your wife is always happy to spank you.

anon: TRUE
bottoms up