rudensss spanked

We have had family with us for a few days, and it was wonderful but exhausting. We swore we would take it easy the next day, but ended up doing too many things.

One time Cindy stated something about you cannot park there, and I gave a rather flippant (read RUDE) reply that I knew that! In my mind, I was just seeing as I had not been there for a very long time, and did not know how they had altered the area for a bus terminal.

Result: A very strong dose of the short tawse, over the knee, and obviously bare bottomed, when we were home the next day. Many flurries, spanking jus tone cheek, and when this happened the tawse either dived between the cheeks, or wrapped around the far cheek. Quite the lesson.
(not a photo of me, but my bottom was on fire like this)
However, when frustrated or flustered, I react poorly.

The following day, the sex was absolutely mind lowing... and my lips must be well protected
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I suspect that rudeness is one of the most common reasons for spanking. My girlfriend usually spanks me for fun and for erotic purposes, but on one occasion when I was rude to her, she gave me a quick spanking on the seat of my underpants with the flat of her hand. I guess she thought this was enough of a punishment for one rude remark. Maybe your remark was more serious or maybe Cindy is simply stricter. At any rate, I am glad to hear she spanked you soundly. Naughty boy!

juliesp said...

I love the “near cheek strapping” and, as you say, the wrap-around into the cleft. I know the tip does the most damage, and aim it directly in. Love the thought that hubby will feel it afterwards whenever his cheeks are pressed together.

Joe said...

Love your posts Red and a good butt strapping is a wonderful thing to focus the mind. T surprised me with a new leather strap she bought small enough to used otk and put it to good use last night WOW! After a long hard session a bright red bottom she was very turned on and wanted satisfaction which is was happy to provide several times and we both had great orgasms. Yes vagina juice is the best lip balm.

ronnie said...

Either dived between the cheeks, or wrapped around the far cheek - I hate when that happens.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with others here, being rude is probably the main reason punishment is given. It's really painful when the implement wraps or goes between the cheeks ouch. Sounds like Cindy gave you a good one.

Red said...

Richa4rd; I react poorly when extremely tired. Cindy reacted positively with a spanking.

juliesp: I can well imagine your knowing this, and aiming specifically for the cleft between the cheeks. keep enjoying life, and thanks for the comment

Joe: OTK straps can be extremely effective, as is this short tawse I purchased from Cane-iac. T has made a delightful purchase

Ronnie: true, but it will always happen using a short tawse when concentrating on one cheek OTK. Guess P has learned to use something similar quite effectively.

archedone: Cindy was very effective

bottoms up

Rick said...

Ouch! Very nice. 👍