return to weight loss attempt with Danielle's help

We have strayed form regular check-in on weight, and thus my weight has risen. Thus, we have returned to weight determined spankings.
Yesterday's spanking was followed by one today, after a discussion of weight loss. Once again, we are about to have company, so the spanking regime will commence after they leave. I have left posts for while we are busy, but will not be replying to comments until afterwards.

Today, Cindy used both Ms. Hurley, and then the carpet beater, both of which were very thoughtful presents sent to us for Cindy's use on my bottom. They came from Danielle and John, who live in Holland.

The wooden Ms. Hurley, a rather large miniature, is about 20" long, and a very strong thick wood, that gives a very effective broad spank.
As you can see, it has a really big head, and the weight is in the head to give maximum force  OTK, bare bottomed, and it was applied with strength and for a considerable time. Alternating cheeks, or the same spot repetitively, with a few pauses to make certain I was not  holding my breath, and to also let the dancing feet to calm down.
I am back at 181 naked before breakfast, and it must now be between 176 to 179 before breakfast, or I get spanked that day. any bad snacking at night will also have an immediate spanking. If we have company, I have one day grace to get the weight down, as if one eats out, the salt content makes you retain water and thus a phony weight gain.

When permitted to rise, it was to retrieve Danielle's other gift of the carpet beater. Cindy finds this somewhat unwieldly, but bending forward on a chair, with my bottom stretched, Cindy did an admirable job of making certain I felt the Carpet Beater.

Although this is not us, this is how Cindy used it, and my bottom was equally as red, if not more, as it had some gray  in the center of both cheeks.

I imagine I can lose the 2 pounds quite quickly, specially with this encouragement.

bottoms up

 Not me, obviously, but some people think that in writing to me privately???


vanessachaland said...

Keep going and keep pressing forward. Whatever works for you is "right". :)

Anonymous said...

Red if I were to tell George he would get a spanking if he gained wight he would be 400 lbs. I have now began to spank him like he loves when he loses weight. I wear the hose, heels, tight skirt and hold me over my knees for his bare bottom spankings and I spank hard stopping only to call my sister as he squirms over my knees and begs me not to tell her or let her hear. Last night we had company and he was well warned about eating and drinking but was so careless and mouthy so this morning it is going to me a hard spanking and if I can a mouth washing....I will let you know. C

Anonymous said...

Yes, we Dutch love to help others out.

Keep swinging that piece, Cindy!

Best wishes,

Marco (from Lindsay)

john said...

Glad Cindy is so happy with the implements. We do have a couple of old carpetbeaters. In the sixties housewifes used the implements on the bottom of a naughty boy.

Red said...

vanessa: thanks

C: The difference with George and myself is that I really want and need to lose weight, as I like to stay athletic. We have never done mouth washing, so do tell if you do it. I am certain it will be effective if done.

Marco: very true

John: thanks again for the implements, and they work equally well for men of all ages

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Kudos to Cindy.
The carpet beater is certainly not an easy implement.
Today I used a smaller version easier to maintain but not really up to the job.


Red said...

D: the carpet beater takes lots of practice, and strength. Best simply to use a cane, so easy and so VERY effective. Thank you again for sending these to us.

bottoms up