quick use of the cane for my weight

It doe snot take very much time to give an effective spanking, specially if you are using the cane. My weight is stable, but still above 180, so it was the cane's turn to encourage me.

In my defense, we have been eating out, and had pizza at home once, so maintaining was good, but not effective enough.

Simple procedure.

Give Cindy the teacher's cane, that we purchased from Ronnie.

bare bottom

hands on the bed, keep your back straight. Engage your abs.
 Numerous strokes, with little time in between them.

Pause... Are your abs engaged? Yes, dear.

Make certain to keep breathing, no holding your breath!

More strokes and now I am ooooing and aahhing! Suddenly, much stronger strokes, has my bottom doing a bit of a dance and wriggling while staying in place.

Okay, you can get up now and look in the mirror. Thank you Dear.for spanking me.

Later that day, I remarked that the last strokes were much stronger.

Cindy responded that : " you have always stated that when you are displaying the signs of really feeling being spanked, that I should spank harder to be the most effective. You do want me to be effective?"

Yes, Dear!

bottoms up

humor from anotherbondiblonde at tumblr.com, but you must already be logged in to tumblr to be able to then access the site.



Anonymous said...

I love that last one!

Yet another nice spanking for my friend Red. Hope it has the desired effect.


Anonymous said...

Not sure if spanking will help you loose the weight but it sure will keep your bottom well tended to.
Not sure what is wrong but I've sent you two e mails and for some reason they can't be delivered yet.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Cindy caned you properly. My girlfriend does not use a cane, I am glad to say, but we know a couple where the wife keeps a cane hanging on the wall. If she thinks he needs discipline, she tells him to lower his pants and underpants and bend over the table and she canes him right on the spot.

ronnie said...

The cane can be very effective for helping with weight gain:)


Red said...

yorkie: it has kept the weight manageable while having company, and eating out a lot.

archedone: I think they are helping. no idea what is happening with my email.

Richard: best you behave while there, r girl friend might introduce your bottom to the cane... or might this be a delightful thought to try?

Ronnie: very helpful indeed
bottoms up

Anonymous said...

Unlike your Cindy, my wife always spanks hard other than when she first acquired her cane, or teachers cane as you call it. When she first used it she complained that it was all over the place and she could not place the strokes accurately so she had to use it gently in case it landed in the wrong place. Well since that time practice has made perfect and she has become good at placing the strokes accurately and neatly, while at the same time ensuring their effectiveness in helping elicit lots of oohs and owes from me. She usually delivers 24 but in sets of 6 and I am relieved to hear her tell me to get ready to receive the final six. After she has finished I have to say thank you and tell her I love her and she puts her arms around me and tells me she loves me and that she is pleased that I took my caning so well and reminds me that it is necessary that she must punish me for being inconsiderate, disrespectful, irritable or yelling at her or whatever was the reason. Afterwards we are both a lot more relaxed and happy we have each other
I am devoted to her and admire her all the more for caring enough about our relationship to put an end to constant bickering, long silences, and hurtful words which are unfortunately part of many marriages.

Red said...

anon: glad that your wife has a way to keep a marriage happy
bottoms up