fantasy wednesday (two spankers)

One of the fun things about a spanking kink, is that you can imagine all different scenarios, without actually having them happen.
HMMMM: He is rather submissive, just as you said
so, as he is your boyfriend, you should start his spanking
Maybe you might help to keep him in place, until he realizes he is not going ANYWHERE!
Now, he is willing to stay in place, to ever have a chance for the spankng to end
but sis, shouldn't we both spank him at the same time as the grand finale?
bottoms up



Anonymous said...

My girlfriend sometimes gives me a few swats on the seat of my pants in front of other people and I often fantasize about her going further. Pants and underpants down and across her knee for a bare bottom spanking. I wonder if it has happened with other people?

Anonymous said...

From the different blogs I've read, I feel most men that accept the fact that they are going to be spanked, have the desire to be spanked by two women and often wonder what it would be like. Being naked before both prior to being spanked would be embarrassing and after a much sorer bottom. But what a wonderful dream to have two spanking you at once.