Due to circumstances, and family staying with us or needing our help, we have drifted away from having time for spankings.

Cindy solved that yesterday, when she decided I should come upstairs with her, and please get me a cane.

I have mostly chosen the teacher style cane, as it is effective, and a little whippy, and easy to hold. Having to retrieve it and hand it to Cindy does rev up the submission involved.

The crooked neck acts as a handle, and thus Cindy can swish it around a little, or simply bend it to increase it's flexibility while I placed the pillows on the bed, and bared my bottom.

Again, arranging the bed, and baring yourself to be caned is enforcing and enhancing the submission.
This time, I placed the pillows at the corner of the bed, so that my legs were mostly in the air, while my bottom was raised, and my upper body lower.

Many quick cane strokes were given, but none sufficiently hard enough to elicit an OW or  foot jerk. Each and everyone was felt. Maybe about twenty-five or so, and Cindy lectured, then said I could get up and look in the mirror.
I thanked Cindy for the caning, and said my bottom was quite red, but that none had really caused a significant impact. OOPS!

Each new strokes resulted in either an OWW, or one or both feet jerking, and a head raising! These were significant, and about fifteen were given before Cindy stopped. Was that stronger? YES DEAR.
You may get up!
Thank you dear.
When I looked in the mirror, the redness was quite strong, and some darker lines also.

We made leisurely love afterwards, and it was amazing.

bottoms up



Anonymous said...

I think you are mostly like me and are not really submissive until our better half tells us it's time for a spanking, then we become very submissive and it's a great feeling.

Anonymous said...

I guess everyone has a different pain threshold. I have only been caned once. It was just four on the seat of my underpants, but I found it quite painful enough! For me the cane is a very severe implement, something a women in a disciplinary relationship might use on her husband or boyfriend if he has been very naughty and deserves to be severely punished. Everyone to his taste though, if you find it arousing, that is fine. It does have the advantage that it doesn't make as much noise as a paddle or a hairbrush does. Hopefully your OWWs were not loud enough to attract the attention of your family!

Red said...

archedone: absolutely true

Richard: my owws were only after the family was all gone, and we were home alone
bottom sup