anniversary spanking

In keeping with the theme of being spanked on your wedding day, we have instituted my being spanked on our anniversary, which was very recent.

We planned the day, movie, make love, go for a romantic dinner, and I suggest that I should be spanked for our anniversary. Cindy immediately agreed. I wish I had suggested it on our wedding day, but that might have scared her away for our ever being married. We were married in a different era than today, obviously.

Cindy decided I should choose the implements, and thought the number of years should be the number of spanks.

I choose the leather, metal studded, heart shaped paddle, Danielle's Ms Hurley, Ronnie's teacher cane, and the short tawse.

Cindy decided that the warm-up should be with the heart shaped paddle, bare bottomed over the knee on the spanking chair. She first delighted herself when she pressed it into my bottom, and saw it left a little heart shape when she lifted it. She was dismayed while she then trying spanking with it, as she said she could never quite get the exact same spot, although she tried from cheek to cheek. Warm-up might have been as many as 40 god spanks.

Shall we begin?  Yes Dear.

Ms Hurley gave fifteen very strong spanks, going from cheek to cheek, as Cindy reminded me that these are from our good friends in Europe. (my feet were bouncing.)

Next came the leather tawse, and everyone was applied significantly, such that my feet jerked with each slow spank. They also went lower below the crease, and higher on my bottom. 15 spanks in total, with Cindy asking every little while as to how many was that?

On to the bed, bottoms raised by three pillows for the remainder with the cane. Foolishly, I commented that make them just as effective, and Cindy was shocked, and I regretted it instantly.

Are you telling me how to spank? No Dear.

Ten sharp strokes were given, and then Cindy stated that was for trying to be in charge, and now we can start.
(I thought she looks far better than a picture of me)
A total of 17 were given.

My bottom is quite on fire, but the warmth in my heart for Cindy is equally as hot.

A tradition?

Most probably, and it started today.
and how might future anniversaries proceed like today:

Going to see a romantic comedy movie  (Crazy Rich Asians)
made love
Dinner out at a delightful restaurant





Anonymous said...

What a wonderful present she gave you, and yes Robyn has been spanking me on my birthday for a number of years and each and every spank with all the implements are well felt. I hope Cindy keeps it up and love the way she smacked you for trying to top you deserved it and maybe more.

Dan said...

Yes I get spanked on our anniversary. I also got spanked on our wedding night.

With my first wife that would have never happened. It was a different era. My first wife wasn't into anything like that and got very mad when I brought it up. That's why after my divorce and I met someone new I brought the subject up because if I was going to marry again it had to be to someone that loved to spank and I finally found someone.

MrBillSails said...

Spankversary! What a great idea.

Spanking began for us with birthdays and we still try to do those each year, although I now receive on my birthday and also on my wife's. She does not feel the need to be spanked, but I sure do.

I will certainly suggest that I receive an anniversary spanking next month, this will be 32!

an English Rose said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!! May there be many more
love Jan, xx

Joe said...

My anniversary is a few weeks away but I am hoping it will be just like yours. Happy Anniversary!

Hermione said...

Happy anniversary, Cindy and Red! I hope you celebrate this happy event for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary. What a wonderfully spank-tastic expression of your love together.


Anonymous said...

I did get spanked on my wedding night. It happened at the hotel and by then, Kim had long since changed out of her wedding dress. The next night, Kim put her wedding dress on and spanked me over her knee. I think of it as a symbolic thing and I admit I enjoyed it. For our first few anniversaries, the wedding dress came back out and my bride gave me a thorough hairbrush spanking.

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary mate!

I, too, am spanked on our anniversary. Have been for a few years now and we always spend the weekend away to do it. This time I am going to suggest we play a game. The game is that my bottom should be red the entire time. If the colour fades then it’s time for a “top up”!


Merryslave said...

Our spanking anniversary is also our first date anniversary...which we celebrate, and as I mentioned, I was spanked on our wedding, which we still celebrate in similar fashion.

Red said...

archedone: I would imagine we have started a tradition, that maybe many other readers might follow.

Dan: glad you discussed what you desired, before marrying a second time. Works best for everyone!

MRbillsails: glad you like the idea, but at 32 years, she should add on another year that has since passed, like years one, two , three, four and five, to make it more effective.

Red said...

Jan: thank you, and maybe you should suggest this to your hubby.

Joe: you must suggest it, and do let me know if it occurs.

Hermione: thank you, and we hope for many years more. Amazing though, how fast the years go by.

MAtt: thanks for the kind wishes

anon: sounds delightful

yorkie: wish you had shared the idea earlier. Having a red bottom all weekend will be an experience you should share your thoughts afterwards with everyone. Send me a private email and I will be happy to post all of it.

Merryslave: delightful. thanks for sharing
bottoms up