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Cindy's birthday has come and gone, and I was spanked for her birthday spanking. It was not exactly as I imagined, as topping from the bottom is always a bad idea. (however, I still do it)

Cindy decided I should choose six implements, and she would each for twelve spanks.

I chose the heart shaped metal studded leather paddle, Ms. Hurley, the short tawse, a wooden bath brush, the long tawse, and the crooked neck cane.

I first put Cindy's black leather high heel shoes on her feet, while she sat on the spanking chair, then bared my bottom and bent over her knees.. I should not have said be effective, but I did, and Cindy certainly made certain I would regret topping from the bottom.

A short flurry with her favorite leather paddle, followed by slow methodical whacks, while holding a cheek outwards and tight, for maximum impact, and delving into the crack.. (more than twelve spanks)

Next Ms Hurley, with a delightful pleasure in her voice of how this is our wonderful present from Danielle. Again, spanks were hard but slow, eliciting ooo and owws. (12)
Now the short tawse, and my feet were jerking, as this also spanked the back of the top of my legs (12)

The bath brush was next , and every slow spank elicited a response on my part. Cindy was holding a cheek back and then spanking it.

I then stood up, as did Cindy, nd I kneeled on the chair as Cindy applied twelve corker of a spank using the LONG TAWSE.
Lastly, moved to the bed, placed two pillows on top of each other, and positioned myself prone with bottom raised, for twelve strokes of the cane. My feet danced or jerked with each stroke.

Cindy then said I could stand up, and I immediately thanked her for the spanking for her birthday.

After taking a picture, we made love, which was wonderful for both of us. The flash used takes away almost all of the color.
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Who bares your bottom

A reader Mark wrote me a message, and had this suggestion for  post.

Are you required to bare your bottom for a spanking?
or is your bottom bared for you?

and the follow-up question:

Which do you find to be more submissive? 

Baring yourself, or being bared?

Maybe your belt is undone, your pants opened and lowered, and your underwear taken down, as you stand meekly awaiting being told to bend over her knees, and your fate!

I usually bare my bottom when Cindy nods seated on the spanking chair, or bare it before getting into any other position to be spanked.

Here is the letter: 
Hi, Red... I love your blog and check it out almost every day...clever, amusing, respectful....just all around well done.  Thanks

A question for you and maybe a fun photo essay: When my late wife spanked me, she generally started with me with my panties up...a warm up, she said, before the main event.  Often, she's just pull my panties down while I was over the back of the couch or across her lap, but sometimes she'd have me stand up and face her "take your panties down and tell me why you're being spanked," she'd say.  I hated having to do that...voluntarily lower my underwear, explain WHY a grown man was being paddled, and then proceed back to receive my comeuppance.  

Worst, of course, was showing up for a spanking with an erection in my panties...a definite no-no which had to be "taken care of" generally while she watched...as a man, you can imagine how it had to be "taken care of."  Humiliating.

Anyway, just a thought...would you rather pull your own undies down or have her do it? The former shows your aquiescence while the latter shows her command.

Again, though it's been quite awhile since I've had my backside taken care of by a loving lady, I do enjoy your blog and hope you continue your good work.


Mark, formerly a submissive panty husband, now just a panty boy! Emoji

I had not thought of it, but really like that Mark thinks this blog is respectful.

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Birthday thoughts (coming soon to our house)

As we age, these seem to be very appropriate!
Really, this is becoming so true.
Like many spanking couples, we celebrate my birthday with a birthday spanking.

My spankings are quite real now, and that is how I desire consensually to be spanked

Maybe not as strongly as Miss Jenn Davis, disciplinarian does, 
but it will involve wood
leather (one of the two tawses)
and the cane

To visit her website   https://www.missjenndavis.com

Are you spanked on your birthday?

Are you spanked on your partner's birthday?

bottoms up
 and remember


how not to stay mad

One method, many women should employ!
 Thank you for apologizing, but now get over my knee
 This will help motivate you in the future
to not upset me
You will behave better in the future
 Now,  stay in the corner until I tell you to leave, and contemplate how to behave better
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Due to circumstances, and family staying with us or needing our help, we have drifted away from having time for spankings.

Cindy solved that yesterday, when she decided I should come upstairs with her, and please get me a cane.

I have mostly chosen the teacher style cane, as it is effective, and a little whippy, and easy to hold. Having to retrieve it and hand it to Cindy does rev up the submission involved.

The crooked neck acts as a handle, and thus Cindy can swish it around a little, or simply bend it to increase it's flexibility while I placed the pillows on the bed, and bared my bottom.

Again, arranging the bed, and baring yourself to be caned is enforcing and enhancing the submission.
This time, I placed the pillows at the corner of the bed, so that my legs were mostly in the air, while my bottom was raised, and my upper body lower.

Many quick cane strokes were given, but none sufficiently hard enough to elicit an OW or  foot jerk. Each and everyone was felt. Maybe about twenty-five or so, and Cindy lectured, then said I could get up and look in the mirror.
I thanked Cindy for the caning, and said my bottom was quite red, but that none had really caused a significant impact. OOPS!

Each new strokes resulted in either an OWW, or one or both feet jerking, and a head raising! These were significant, and about fifteen were given before Cindy stopped. Was that stronger? YES DEAR.
You may get up!
Thank you dear.
When I looked in the mirror, the redness was quite strong, and some darker lines also.

We made leisurely love afterwards, and it was amazing.

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Scarlett Hill Entertainment (part 2)

I have been reminiscing, and will continue to do so. Many of us started our spanking fetish when much, much younger, and we might have been reading comic books. In them, the woman was always being spanked.

My reading progressed to glossy spanking magazines, when I could get one, which were either m/f or f/f and then I discovered Scarlett Hill publications.
click the link to visit..... which is the blue underlined name scarletthill.com scarletthill.com

Being able to read, and imagine, made them very exciting for me. The art work was entrancing!

When reading you could be the spanker, or the spankee.

IF wishing to be the spankee, most times you had to imagine you as being the female that is being spanked. RATHER GENDER BENDING!

Many stories were also of women spanking women, which was very similar to magazines
 Their site has delightful pictures like this one

Scarlett Hill introduced me to woman spanking men, and I was an avid reader of many of these. magazines. AS TIME PROGRESSED, THE DESIRE TO BE THE SPANKEE WAS TO TAKE THE FOREFRONT in my life, (mostly)!

They have now progressed to
 Imagine, being spanked by your boss
 A dream situation
 and then all possibilities opened up with Firm forceful femmes (complete domination by a woman)

The humiliation (or was it thrill) of being forced to dress as a woman, be spanked, and then pegged.

Aside:  I would be thrilled to spank any female, but the opportunity has yet to ever happen besides spanking Cindy.. Cindy does permit me to spank her, but only a little, and although I am the spanker, she is still mostly in charge while being spanked.

We have attended one spanking play party, but it was only with  men being spanked (and unfortunately, beaten, not spanked The organizers were great, as were many of the playful participants, but some over the top BDSM was unfortunate.

So, whatever your imagination can think of, they have a magazine for you to delve in safely.

Go visit

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