Wooden bath brush

Does your family own a wooden bath brush?
I think it is an implement that everyone should own, as it is easily EXTREMELY EFFECTIVE, with little effort on the part of the spanker. Now this is obviously FALSE ADVERTISING!

Seeing your partner sitting on the spanking chair
 with the bath brush in her hands
and maybe smacking it against her hand to show the sound that will soon be happening
The advantage of a bath brush,,  over a hair brush is it's length! You cannot help from looking how large and long it is while baring your bottom.
and it's effectiveness has your feet dancing immediately. The long arc adds even more strength to every spank.
Using it will bring a smile to your wife's face, as she sees how delightfully it impacts your bottom.
It is good that someone is smiling! You will not be smiling
She can even play with you a little, and tease you with the brush side instead of the wooden side, and as you see it can still make quite an impact.
Your desire for cleanliness will not be questioned, but the agent might notice, as in our case, that the wooden side has lost all of it's polish, but the scrubbing part is virgin new.
Thus, when you are on vacation for more than a week, no weekly maintenance spanking need be missed.
We own three, having first purchased one from the Vermont Country Store eons ago, and then a Body Shop one (which is just too heavy and deadly), and a new one with longer handle in a grocery store while we were away a few weeks ago.

Please leave a message and share with our readers some of your experience being spanked or spanking with a bath brush.

comments from the humorist Steven Wright

     I intend to live forever... So far, so good.

     If Barbie is so popular, why do you have to buy her friends?
     Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.

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Merryslave said...

Merryband I thought it hilarious when we found a bath brush with that label (pict 1) on it at Whole Foods.
Anyway, I have a box of about six broken or cracked such brushes, plus two whole and useful ones in our implement bag (a rolling suitcase suitable for taking to parties).
Indeed, the effects of the flat side landing on my bared bottom are ... Mmm..awesome.

Anonymous said...

No we don't have a bath brush, her hair brush does the job quite well getting many ouches and ows and dancing feet from me. I can see where one would be able to use less effort when using one to spank which could be good or bad. Less effort on her part could mean a longer and more painful spanking. And it's strange you would post bath brushes at this time. last night Robyn made the comment we need a bath brush, but she told me she needed it in the shower. Do I assume she is telling me the truth and buy her one? Do I take the chance that she won't use it to spank me with?
P.S. check your e mail

Dan Mel said...

My wife doesn't have a bath brush. She uses either a hair brush or her paddle which she carries with her in her baggage. She was never asked before but if she was she would just say it's used for discipline.

Anonymous said...

"...share...some of your experience being spanked or spanking with a bath brush."

Don't have any. And don't want one (shudders). A good hairbrush works just fine, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Besides the effect of the long handle mentioned here, the extra weight in the business end of the bath brush can do a lot of subdural damage to the bottom. Too much! Doug

Red said...

merryslave: the effect can be awesome, and quite frightening. It all depends how strongly the bath brush is used. My feet dance whenever it is used.

archedone: It would be perfect for the shower, and even better when applied to your bottom. Ours is NEVER used in the sower, but has lost it's varnish on the wood side due to being used on my bottom. The bristles, however, are pristine.

Dan: time to purchase one for her, to give a change in feeling for both of you.

anon: it all depends how strongly it is used. you need to give your partner the option, not unilaterally avoiding purchasing one.

Doug: Cindy has never used it that hard, but almost anything wooden can have that effect.

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

I have a short and a long handled bath brush. The long one is from The Body Shop and it is indeed quite formidable. I remember my wife saying to me once after a session which included its use that left some lovely marking "You'd better heal!" She does get quite concerned when I want it really hard. She need not have worried. I wore some slight marking for a couple of days and then back to my usual white backside...


Red said...

yorkie: that body shop one is simply too heavy a wood for us, as it gives too significant a spank when used with any swing and strength. Guess my bottom fat has somewhat disappeared with age. We have many different wooden bath brushes (short and long)
bottoms up