well and truly spanked

Cindy decided that it had been too long since I had been properly spanked, so it was decided that somewhere between five and six I would be spanked. Nothing like starting the morning with the knowledge of what was to come later.

About 5:30, Cindy stated that I should go to the bedroom, and retrieve three implements: One leather, one a cane, and I could choose the third. She then said : :make that the short cane". After you have them out for me, you can stand in the corner and wait for me.

I retrieved the short tawse, the OTK cane, and the wooden bath brush, and then took tee-shirt and shorts off and stood in the corner.

When Cindy arrived a few minutes later, she was pleased to see me in the corner, and the spanking implements on the spanking chair.

When called, I placed a large  pillow under Cindy's feet, to raise her legs level with the floor. Panties down, and over I went. Cindy first used the short tawse, effectively and for quite a while. She stopped once to make certain I was not holding my breath, then continued strongly.
A pause, and I was thankful that Cindy would change implements. No such luck, and Cindy said I am only taking a brief rest, then re-started with vigor. My feet were dancing, but also alternating with settling on the ground, and being straight outwards level with my bottom.  Many more spanks and then a pause...…. and once again the spanking began again with the tawse. The tawse visited only one cheek some of the time, and made a definitive impression on the back of my legs.

This was more than triple what Cindy usually does, as each of the two pauses gave way to a strong dose of more spanks, besides the stoppage to make certain I was not holding my breath.
Cindy then placed the tawse on the floor, and picked up the bath brush. The spanking resumed with strength and vigor. Cindy spanked one spot only on one cheek for more than 10 spanks and my squirming and owwing. Cindy then moved to the other cheek and did the same of more than 10 spanks on one spot. She then moved back and forth, and I was really  feeling every spank. 

A pause: where Cindy said " maybe you should have chosen a feather for the implement of your choice", and then cheerily began spanking again, every spank being hard and effective, with the crack between back of legs and bottom, such that my whole bottom and back of legs were on fire.

After a few more flurries, |Cindy stopped, and said I should get up.

Cindy decided I should place myself on the bed, with pillows to raise my bottom, but my bottom not being high enough, she stated, use another pillow.

The OTK  cane was just as effective as the other two implements, and it also danced higher on my bottom, and much lower on my legs, beside the main part of my bottom.
My bottom was on fire for the evening, and red when I woke up this morning. 
I am quite aware of my bottom today (ie: sore), and after showering, it was a very bright red.

Later, before dinner, we made love, and it was absolutely amazing orgasm for each of us.

aside: we had talked while on vacation, and I had stated that Cindy was really spanking softer than she used to. This feature of my spankings has been corrected in spades..

bottoms up 



Quentin QBuzz said...

Mmmm that first lady certainly looks the business! It makes my bottom tingle just looking at her!

Joe said...

Amazing spanking hoped you thanked Cindy.

Anonymous said...

A meeting of the minds... I got a similar treatment earlier today (with a different set of "tools", but with similar vigor!)... This was J's way of observing the 4th of July, I guess - but I know she has another "celebration" in store for me on July 14 (Bastille Day)... We will be traveling to France shortly thereafter... and I know what B. and J. may have in store for me!

Anonymous said...

Why does she make sure you’re not holding your breath?

Red said...

qbuzz: tingle yes, run a distinct possibility.

Joe: I Did.

L: lovely to celebrate so many holidays with fireworks on your bottom.

anon: holding your breath probably increases the heart rate and may be damaging, but it can lessen the effect of the spanking. both are bad to do

bottoms up

Anonymous said...

That's interesting. I do that or sometimes breathe very rapidly and rhythmically. I kind of feel like what I do with my breath to get through a spanking is my business, not the spanker's. Thanks for responding!