the simplest solution

Sometimes you screw up, and the situation needs to be dealt with. The easiest solution

 in a consensual relationship
 Have him bare his bottom, while you retrieve the wooden paddle, then hav ehim bend over your knees
SECURE HIM PROPERLY IN PLACE, so no possibility of rolling off your knee
Immediate fast and hard spanks and change the tempo while you spank
Time toc heck how warm his bottom is, and  little lecture reminding him that his actions caused him to be over your knee being spanked
 Now, slower but firmer spanks will have his head bouncing
 and a few more spanks while he stands in the corner after his spanking
A method that is guaranteed to solve almost any problem, quickly
bottoms up
 so remember to keep giving hugs
no matter what age you are



Anonymous said...

I can certainly relate to the last picture. My partner sometimes gropes my bottom like that when I am doing housework. (Or, depending on my behavior, slaps it hard a few times to punish me for being a naughty boy!)

Merryslave said...

During these heat waves, I usually wear naught but briefs and a light shirt inside our un-airconditioned apartment, and Merry frequently avails herself of the opportunity to fondle my bottom whenever I get close enough.

Anonymous said...

First let me say even if you are not into dominance and submission, going over one's lap for a spanking is very submissive and erotic for both. I'd love OTK but for us it just does not work. But there are so many other positions to present your bottom for a good firm spanking.

Anonymous said...

I also wear just briefs in hot weather, Merryslave. My girlfriend says they make a tempting target. And I agree with you, archedone, OTK is not the only possible position. The important thing is that we end up with a warm, stinging bottom!

Anonymous said...

That last pic will be my wife and I in 20 years!


Red said...

Richard: always a delightful effort on her part.

Merry: delightful, but maybe you should purchase air conditioner(s)

archedone: many ,many positions if otk does not work.

Richard: very true

Yorkie: maybe us in ten

bottoms up