the next day

We had a mini vacation planned, as we were attending a party out of town, so decided to extend the time instead of driving back immediately.

FACT: men and women's sense of humor is different. What I try to say in jest, or in playful teasing, is sometimes considered by Cindy to be RUDE.

Thus, as we were going to be with family part of the time, I was SPANKED as a warning not to be RUDE in any way.  This was the third day in a rwo, and no leniency was asked for, nor would it have been given.

Upstairs, bring me the bath brush, bare your bottom and get over my knees.
(once again, her bottom is more appetizing to look at than mine, and like her bottom, mine had a significant gray area on both cheeks when the spanking was finished)
A strong spanking was given, visiting every area of my bottom and the top of the back of the legs, as I bounced around  a bit, and feet doing some dancing. At times, my feet were touching the floor, then kicking a bit, then straight outward with knees straight, all slightly altering the place being spanked, but giving Cindy new areas to spank also.

When permitted to rise, I thanked Cindy for the spanking.

I did not screw up whatsoever in being rude while away.

Spankings work

bottoms up



an English Rose said...

Hi Red, I have the same sense of humour as Cindy! Love that last pic, lol
love Jan, xx

Anonymous said...

I can't recall any spanking given to me as a reminder to behave. I'm sure they work and the sting every time you sit down helps remind you.

Yorkie69 said...

Nice one mate. I, too, had a significant spanking that left me with those gray/white areas and a tender bottom for a few days (only JUST starting to fade to nothing) but mine waa just for fun - kids had gone out and left us alone.

Happy spankings


Quentin QBuzz said...

Mmmm I love this. Spanking an 'innocent' boy so hard in case he is thinking of doing something naughty is such a strict, matriarchal thing to do.

Red said...

Jan: Hope you get spanked for it, sometimes.

archedone: might be time to suggest the idea to Robyn! They work wonders!

Yorkie: for fun or for a reason, they are always helpful in a relationship, and often lead to fabulous love-making

Qbuzz: never thought of it in those terms, but that is a good explanation. Experience has shown I am norther a boy, nor innocent

bottoms up