Spankings go in cycles

Cindy sometimes goes a couple of weeks without spanking me, and then they happen daily. After that well and truly spanked post, the next day had Cindy picking up the kitchen food stirrer and saying "bare your bottom".

Listening to what I have stated at times, that she is very effective  but little residual effect and the spanking is done in twenty seconds, Cindy made certain that this had a residual effect.

She must have spanked for over three or four minutes, fast and furious, then a pause to catch her breath, then again fast and hard only on one spot for many spanks before moving and repeating the process. There might have been four or five pauses, so an awful lot of spanks were given.
(I thought she looked nicer than my bottom being spanked)
My bottom was on fire, and effectively spanked by the time she was finished. I thanked her for the spanking, and she smiled almost like the cat that had eaten the bird. Very proud of herself, as well she should be.

My  bottom had been red when I had gotten up that morning, so this ensured it would stay that way all day.

bottoms up
 always trying to make you smile



Anonymous said...

I had a spanking like that a few weeks ago. Robyn had asked me to vacuum while she dusted. I got busy with other chores and never vacuumed. The next day she told me I need to be punished for not vacuuming for her. I was to strip naked and then vacuum. First I did the kitchen. As soon as I was done with that I was going to do the utility room. Not so fast she said, hands on the counter and stick your butt out. She gave me 20 hard spanks. then I did the utility room and got another 20 hard spanks. That went on for the dining room, the family room, the hallway, two bed rooms and the computer room. I was one sore and well spanked husband and was still tender the next day.

Red said...

archedone: Robyn has certainly learned how to give a excellent spanking, and a warning to listen to her when she asks you to do something
bottoms up