Scarlett Hill Entertainment (spanking) part 1

This is a wonderful site that I think every spanking aficionado should visit at least once, and you may end up visiting many, many times afterwards.

I will make two postings about this site, as I think it was a wonderful creation, and still has worthwhile fanzines for people to occasionally purchase.

Back in the pre-internet days, I came across one of their booklets on spanking, and eventually purchased quite a few of them, as it contained spanking material not readily available anywhere else. Prior to finding these, I would pick up the occasional spanking magazine with lots of pictures but few stories to filter into your imagination. Paperback novels existed, which really were produced by writers almost at the cost of a dime a dozen, so the quality was kind of severely lacking.

Scarlett Hill had stories written that you could believe, and the art work was amazing.

The comparison is similar to:

reading a book and getting more depth into the thinking and imagining the activities,


simply seeing a movie, which although spectacular, usually does not portray the thoughts of the participants nor the details involved.

Spankers and spankees want the depth of the mind, whereas tumblr can just show photos and gifs forever.

I love the spanking stories, and the art work!

This cover was a delight for the imagination, and is still my all-time favorite

You can easily place yourself into the position of the humiliation of the man being spanked, and then his wife pausing to answer the telephone, and her telling her friend that she is currently spanking her husband.  WOW!
( I know it says boys, but I interpret it to be her husband.)
An explanation: back in the 80's and early 90's, the idea that a man would be spanked by his wife was really an unheard of event. It was not in the spanking magazines, except BDSM with whips and other heavy details. A man might be stated to be "hen-pecked", but SPANKED?????

This is a simple family scene, with everyone in normal everyday clothes and the man is being SPANKED! Unheard of, at least I my mind. I only believed women are the people that are spanked.

Today, I would be proud to say that since retirement, I am a very well spanked husband, and our love has grown deeper and greater since Cindy started spanking me.

Unfortunately, Cindy would be embarrassed, so we have told no one outside people on the Internet who have become friends.

Putting up with me after retirement,  24 / 7,  does need the regular spankings! It curbs my dominant traits, which I believe are always for doing fun things and doing good, but simply stifle any other opinion!

We have been retired 15 years.

So, let me end this post including the email I received from Barb, and my reply.

Please go visit the site for whichever version of spanking you like to read and imagine. Their are also videos, etc...

My subsequent post will explain more about the site, and less about me.

One of their newer versions is (an offshoot of no nonsense ladies

I do not read nor purchase any parent spanking child, but many readers like this role play. In my mind, I interpret this picture as a young wife spanking her husband, with her mil's approval and guidance!
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Anonymous said...

Looks like I good site thanks Red. I've heard about it before but never looked into it I will now.

Anonymous said...

I also like Scarlett Hill. I very much agree with the philosophy of its FM section. Misbehaving males SHOULD be spanked by their wives and girlfriends. My girlfriend and I are not into BDSM, but we have found that it is very good for our relationship when she takes me across her knee from time to time and paddles my bottom firmly.

Anonymous said...

I can not understand that only a few wives train their husbands strictly, which of course includes severe punishment if they do not obey their wives. Household help would be taken for granted by husbands if they knew laziness would be punished by a corporal punishment. > The wives have more time for their interests, and have a happier marriage!

Loki_Darksong said...

Wow! I had no idea that they were still around! Awesome!

Tomy Nash said...

Aunt Kay and I knew Barbara from the very beginning, in Santa Cruz.

She does indeed do a marvelous job. Great lady.

Tomy Nash said...

Aunt Kay and I knew Barbara from the earliest days. We met in Santa Cruz.

She has always contributed great stuff to the F/m scene.

Anonymous said...

A poster said: "I can not understand that only a few wives train their husbands strictly". How do we know that it is only a few? I suspect that quite a lot of women discipline their husband or boyfriend in private but do not talk about it in public or post it on the Internet. My girlfriend and I have met two couples where the wife is the disciplinarian. One of the wives paddles her husband and the other one is even stricter and keeps a cane hanging on the wall in their kitchen. Some time ago I saw a young couple in the local supermarket. The man said something that the woman disapproved of, and she immediately gave him a couple of very firm smacks on his bottom. It made me wonder, does she discipline him more strictly when they are in private?

Anonymous said...

Richard, of course, there are wives who strictly train their husband, I wrote that yes. Of course, that often happens in secret! But those are unfortunately exceptions. The fact that it usually happens in secrecy has something to do with social acceptance. In our marriage, I am also educated in secret by my wife. We still do not have the courage to live it out publicly. Unfortunately! Only through the Internet, we can make it accessible on tumblr interested users, under the pseudonym strictpunishedhubby Is also partially displayed in google!

Red said...

archedone: worth visiting and supporting, but sadly, so much competition, and society has moved beyond reading and thinking in favor of immediate gratification.

Richard: thanks for sharing. Spanking on itself has nothing to do with BDSM.

anon: it must be consensual, otherwise the marriage will not last.

Loki: do drop by now and then

Tomy: I agree that Barbara and her husband have done a great deal for helping promote sane and consensual spanking. I expected that you both knew each other, as both couple were in the beginning of using the internet to promote the idea of spanking. Their F/M material certainly influenced me, and I am certain many others.

Richard: I really doubt that there are many F/M SPANKING relationships, but there are definitely more than we know. I wish we could be more open about it, and meet other couples, but Cindy is very private about it.

anon: thanks for sharing

bototms up