maintenance spankings

Maintenance  spankings!

Do you regularly follow a procedure such as a weekly spanking, no matter how good your behavior has been?
Are you hoping I would forget?

I think you should just follow me, upstairs, NOW1

What a nice white canvas to paint red for you dear
You know
This is for your own good
 We both have been much happier since I started spanking you
Isn't that right dear?
 Yes Ma'am
So, a few more with a LFOURISH SHALL WE?

Now dear, was that a helpful reminder for the next seven days!
Yes, Ma'am!
now, go stand in the corner until I tell you that you can leave, and think of how good and thoughtful you are gong to be this week!
Do you have weekly maintenance spankings? I am asking Cindy to try this for a while, and see how it works. I will keep you informed as to our progress.

bottoms up



Dan Mel said...

I have got weekly maintenance spankings for quite a few years now. My wife started them to remind me who is in charge. It also gives me an opportunity to confess something I may have done wrong that she didn't know about. We do our maintenance spankings every Sunday morning before church because she knows it's very uncomfortable for me sitting in church afterwards but it's also a reminder to be good all week.

Baxter said...

no maintenance spankings, but i do comment to my wife that it has been several days since the last spanking and she mostly will grab some implement and give me what I want.

like that series of pictures of that woman strapping that lucky guy's bottom.


Anonymous said...

I do get maintenance but not at certain times. When Robyn sees I'm a bit off she will give me one.
I sent you something at your e mail but it came back to me.

an English Rose said...

Good luck!
love Jan, xx

Spanked Cowboy said...

Yes, we have a maintenance spanking program in place. We have a 24/7, female-led, D/s, DD relationship. I have agreed to covenants, duties, chores and house rules. I am spanked for discipline and punishment spankings usually agree with our list of offenses. Each offense has a 3 level prescribed punishment stating number of strokes and implement(s) used. She, of course has the power to alter anything about the punishment she desires. I can only agree and accept the punishment. As years went by, I learned her ways, and desires and discipline spankings tapered off to the extent I was seldom spanked at all. We decided to institute a maintenance program. We live a fairly active life and did not want to be rigid and have one day set aside for maintenance spankings. Neither of us wanted daily spankings, but did not want time to slip by between spankings as a full active life sometimes dictates. We devised a plan to randomly schedule maintenance spankings. Starting right away, after I accepted the first spanking and after each one, I would toss a single die. We would add '1' to the number shown which would give us the number of days until the next spanking. This would insure spankings would never be on consecutive days nor ever more that 7 days apart. If a life happening occurs, we simply move the spanking to the next day. Maintenance spankings are designed for 3 reasons. 1. They enforce who is in charge and my role in the relationship. 2. They serve as a constant reminder of what is in store for poor behavior or rule breaking. 3. They serve as a catch-all for minor infractions that may not have warranted a spanking at the time. Maintenance spankings usually last about 35-45 minutes, but have gone on for over an hour. The contain 3 things that punishment spankings do not. There is a warm up, use of a afe word, and after care following. I am always totally nude for all spankings and she uses several different implements during the spanking. This program has worked well for us and as punishments dwindled, it has become the backbone or our DD relationship.

Anonymous said...

The lady I am with right now is a bit of a brat... a bit is an understatement. She is an enormous brat. She loves to be spanked but sometimes we don't get to see each other for a day or two or we are busy only have time for a light spanking. What I can tell you is if she hasn't had a good HARD spanking in a week she is very irritable and extra bratty. Not on purpose but that is just the way she acts. Sometimes I just look at her and she realizes "oh yeah" I need to be spanked. So do we have maintenance spankings? No, not officially. But a hard spanking a week keeps her in a good mood.

Red said...

Dan Thanks for sharing, and letting people know about some of the benefits of this practice.

Baxter: if you ask every few days or so, it is very similar to the idea of a maintenance spanking

archedone: that is a very good method for a wife to keep a person on a even keel. Really hating yahoo mail, as I never see any comments, and have to log onto blogger to post people's comments. Previously it was so easy. I might have to change my email address.

Jan: thanks, but only Cindy knows if we will try it.

Spanked cowboy: thanks for adding about your lifestyle. I will use this as a post, sometime in the near future, and direct people to your blog. Thanks

anon: glad it works for both of you folks
bottoms up