keeping him (or her) in place (part one)

one method is the time honored
Have the spankee over one knee, and use your other leg over the back of his(her) legsto keep them iin place
and totally reducing the squiring and feet dancing that they might normally do. If you are tall, you can still keep both of your feet on the ground
 Some choose to have hand on the spankee's side, to remind them to stay on the knee until you are finished
whereas others choose to increase the intensity by holding one of the spankee's  arms behind their back, making them feel entirely helpless

Does your partner ever spank you in this fashion?

Should you suggest this to your spanker?

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Anonymous said...

No need as I am a willing volunteer every time for a thorough spanking. The only firm grip is mine on the bedsheets, a pillow or the next implement I want her to use.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Yorkie. Putting her leg over mine would show me she is in charge, but laying in position and accepting the spanking puts me in submissive head space and knowing if I don't hold position the spanking would last longer.

Red said...

Yorkie: no need, but a fun position to be restrained while being spanked.
archedone: yes, very true that by staying in position, we are showing our submissive side, besides our backside
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juliesp said...

There are pros and cons. The leg-over and arm-behind-back is great for controlling even a big boy across your knee. But the arm on his side, right leg turned away gives you a lot more shoulder room to swing. Decisions, decisions!

Merryslave said...

Merry does not spank me otk. she broke her right arm near the shoulder sometime ago and does not have the arm strength to get a decent swing that way, so she much insists on me being at bent over something

Red said...

juliesp: thanks for sharing your knowledgeable opinion, based on wonderful experiences experimenting with David. I love reading your adventures, and I enjoy reading about your new experiences.
bottoms up